Meeting Management

Meeting Management

Management Review meetings are essential to ensuring the effectiveness of your quality system. Make this process more efficient with EtQ’s Meeting Management solution.

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Meeting Management

The process of holding Management Review meetings is one of the essential requirements that companies should adopt in order to meet the various Quality, FDA Compliance, and Environmental Health & Safety System standard requirements. In Management Review meetings, quality systems should be reviewed, evaluated, and maintained. These meetings should be scheduled at defined intervals sufficient to ensure the quality systems continuing suitability and effectiveness in satisfying the requirements of the international standards and the organization's quality policy and objectives.

The EtQ Meeting Management module allows for the setup and configuration of Meeting templates in order to record and track multiple meeting types within the quality system. Using EtQ's workflow-enabled platform, meetings are scheduled, agendas are set, invited users are notified, and action items are assigned. The meetings module provides a centralized resource whereby the entire organization is able to collaborate on specific meeting items and automatically track action items across the enterprise.

The Meetings module is just one of over 20 modules available as part of the EtQ Quality, FDA Compliance, and Environmental Health & Safety Management Software systems. EtQ continues to enhance its products and services in an effort to further the concept of providing automation, integration and collaboration across the enterprise.

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Create Meeting Templates for Meeting Management

  • Handle all meeting needs: management reviews, design reviews, etc
  • Templates include invitee list, duration, frequency, agenda and much more

Schedule Meetings

  • Schedule meetings based on defined templates or ad hoc
  • Automatic e-mail notification to all invitees
  • Track & report on attendance vs. invitations
  • Schedule multiple meetings at the same time
  • Automatic reminders to invitees
  • Ability to cancel scheduled meetings with automatic notifications

Conduct Meetings

  • Meeting record contains all relevant meeting information including minutes and related action items
  • Issue and track action items linked for each agenda item
  • Agenda can be modified to include additional items discussed in the meeting
  • Automatic online distribution & PDF conversion of meeting minutes
  • Next scheduled meeting can optionally display the results from the previous meeting

Track Action Items to Meeting Management

  • Receive e-mail notifications with links to action items
  • Record initial assessment and immediate corrective actions
  • Identify trends using built-in Charts and Reports
  • Perform Risk Assessment using two, three or four dimensions
  • Automatic risk calculation & results based on policies
  • Display decision guidelines based on calculated risk level
  • Risk mitigation history


  • Use the CAPA process to resolve critical and systemic action items
  • Meeting data is automatically inherited into the investigation
  • Dual link between action item & investigation
  • Automatically lookup & display related investigations and CAPAs
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