Training Management

Training Management Definition

What is Training Management?

Training management provides managers with the tools to improve training across the organization. This process ensures employees have access to the resources, education, and training they need to perform their roles successfully. 

Highly trained employees also help organizations quickly adapt to technological, market, and organizational structure changes. This quick adaptation facilitates a culture of innovation and creativity that drives growth. 

Training Management Frequently Asked Questions:

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ETQ Reliance – Training Management


ETQ Reliance is a training management platform designed to help organizations maintain a culture of safety, quality, and compliance. 

Trainers can design and set up their own training plans and automatically send out notifications to keep users informed. The ETQ Insights Training Management dashboard lets trainers track users’ training status and view completion by employee, department, location, or manager. Trainers can also use the dashboard to categorize employees and set specific training programs based on these categories.

“One of the great things about Reliance is you can use it both out of the box, and to easily build and configure anything you might need. It is very flexible, and it works everywhere.” — Michael Fennema, Leader, Quality Systems, Cooper Tire & Rubber Company.

ETQ Reliance is an ideal training management platform for organizations employing and training frontline workers. Using ETQ to connect frontline workers ensures they can access the most up-to-date training, education, experience, and skills. This promotes consistent training across the entire organization so workers can perform their roles and responsibilities as effectively as possible.  

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