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EQMS – Electronic Quality Management System Definition

What is an EQMS?

An EQMS, or electronic quality management system, connects all quality-related processes and data into a centralized platform. An EQMS is rooted in its ability to help organizations manage their workflows and documents more efficiently, improve compliance, and enhance quality.

Various industries leverage EQMS software, from manufacturing and pharmaceuticals to consumer goods and medical devices. This solution helps these organizations consistently create quality products, allowing them to comply with industry standards and increase customer satisfaction.

EQMS Frequently Asked Questions:

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ETQ Reliance – EQMS Software


Improve your quality process with an electronic quality management system. It makes everything smoother, more efficient, and adaptable as your organization grows. ETQ Reliance is EQMS software that assists organizations in various industries. It enables better management of documentation, audits, non-conformance handling, training, risk assessments, and more. 

With additional functionality such as automation, advanced analytics, and machine learning, ETQ Reliance enhances these quality management features. It allows users to respond to quality events in real time. This feature improves decision-making by giving users access to relevant data across the organization.

This solution will improve every part of the quality management process. “Everyone from your CEO to a person on the floor can research and find information in the system, with very little effort and very easy search functions,” explains Tracey Newton, senior director of quality assurance at Symmetry Surgical

To learn more about the benefits of ETQ Reliance, read testimonials from our customers across manufacturing, automotive, aerospace, healthcare, and more.

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