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Advanced Quality Analytics Purpose-built for Quality Professionals ETQ InsightsTM is the QMS/EHS industry’s dedicated advanced quality analytics platform.

ETQ InsightsTM is the QMS/EHS industry’s dedicated advanced analytics platform.

Quality practitioners now have an advanced analytics package dedicated to collecting and analyzing data specific to quality. With the ability to analyze structured and unstructured data and use a range of configurable dashboards for easy and comprehensive visualization, ETQ Insights is the platform for informed decision making and continuous improvement.

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ETQ Insights provides a suite of best practice quality dashboards

ETQ Insights provides a comprehensive, yet actionable, view of your quality operation.

  • ETQ Insights EngineTM: The ETQ Insights Engine leverages leading analytic technologies to optimize performance while providing best-in-class analytics, visualizations and dashboards.
  • Quality Operational Dashboards: Analytics dashboards are built on quality management industry best practices. Some of the many dashboards included are Corrective Action Trends, Supplier Corrective Action Analysis, Corrective Action Root Causes, Injury Analysis and Non-Conforming Trend Analysis.
  • Quality Data Lake: ETQ Insights creates a dedicated data lake in which quality data from ETQ Reliance – structured and unstructured – resides. ETQ Insights draws data for analysis and dashboarding from the Quality Data Lake.
  • Synchronization Data Layer: The Synchronization Data Layer pulls information from the QMS, transforms it into workable data and deposits that data into the Quality Data Lake for analysis with no performance degradation to the QMS.
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ETQ Insights Architecture
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Accelerate ROI with dashboards built on customer best practices

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Enhance your existing BI strategy with analytics that auto-adjust to your QMS configurations

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Leverage ETQ's quality data lake from your BI solution

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