ETQ Technology partner

Offer more value by collaborating on innovative solutions

As a technology partner, you have opportunities to enter new markets and increase revenue by collaborating on innovative technologies. Technology partners develop products that integrate with ETQ products, resulting in comprehensive solutions that provide more value to more customers.

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ETQ Reliance Document Control efficient collaboration teamwork

ETQ Sales Partner

Who We’re Looking For:

Technology partners work directly with ETQ’s Product Management group to develop innovative solutions. They are knowledgeable of ETQ’s QEHS solutions, have expertise in regulatory and compliance processes and offer a wide range of technology and product development capabilities.

What’s in it for you?

Collaborative Relationship

ETQ is dedicated to building relationships with valued partners and continuing to refine our processes, resulting in a simpler and more efficient experience for partners.

Consistent Communication

ETQ knows that communication is key to a successful partnership. We guarantee prompt and effective collaboration by offering multiple channels of communication.

Proven Success

Partners can count on making a profit. Our Sales Partner program is designed to reward partners who invest time and effort in learning and selling ETQ solutions.

Become an ETQ Technology Partner