ETQ Academy

Training When, Where and How You Want It

ETQ Academy delivers ETQ Reliance training with comprehensive certification, rich eLearning curricula, and “bite-sized” hints and tips (microlearning). Customer training options are abundant and can be tailored to precise customer needs. With ETQ Academy, you benefit from training options that allow teams to quickly become productive and get the most out of their ETQ Reliance application. You can leverage ETQ Academy to empower employees and build a culture of quality with clear implications for your brand security and bottom line.

ETQ Academy Overview


ETQ Academy Benefits

    Training on Your Schedule

  • Full access, regardless of location
  • No travel expenses
  • Stronger new hire onboarding
  • Ongoing ETQ Reliance staff training

    Recommended Learning Path

  • Reinforce concepts and materials
  • Professional development for ETQ Reliance staff

    Smoother Implementations

  • Reinforce ETQ Reliance best practices
  • Increase system utilization
  • Faster time to value

ETQ Academy Provides Training in three levels of detail:


Certifications are longer courses that provide in-depth training.



eLearning delivers a high-level overview of a solution set, module or utility.



Customers can find quick hints and tips about how to get the most out of ETQ Reliance.


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