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ETQ Reliance 2019: Make Quality Your Competitive Advantage with a QMS Platform for Today's Quality Requirements

Morgan Palmer
Photo of Morgan Palmer, CTO of ETQ
Chief Technology Officer, ETQ
Glen Fraser
Photo of Glen Fraser, Senior Director Solution Architects at ETQ
Senior Director Solution Architects, ETQ

Date: Thursday, March 14, 2019
Hosted by ETQ
Morgan Palmer, Chief Technology Officer, ETQ
Glen Fraser, Senior Director Solution Architects, ETQ

Join industry experts to learn how Quality Management System requirements have evolved to meet today's new era of increasingly stringent quality demands. You'll learn the key drivers in quality and supply chain management today and how those impact a QMS solution’s ability to deliver better business outcomes. You'll hear case study examples and learn how the new ETQ Reliance 2019 makes it easier than ever to build optimal, comprehensive and integrated quality programs that deliver a competitive advantage and ensure a strong brand reputation.

The Quality Leader’s Guide to New Product Introduction Success

Dan Jacob
Photo of Dan Jacob, Principal Analyst and Research Director at LNS Research
Principal Analyst and Research Director, LNS Research

Date: Wednesday, March 27, 2019
Hosted by ETQ
Dan Jacob, Principal Analyst and Research Director, LNS Research

Successful new product introduction (NPI) is crucial to achieve corporate goals. But today’s NPI success rate is relatively low largely due to historical NPI challenges combined with market trends including increased visibility to product performance and quality, global pressures, and increasingly complex products. Quality leaders that see deep engagement in NPI as their holy grail may be surprised that the levers for that engagement exist today.

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Using Technology to Turn Operational Excellence Vision into Reality

Hosted by ETQ
Ben Riblett, Principal, Quality and Compliance Services, HighPoint Solutions
Tony Parise, Life Sciences Product Manager, ETQ
Greg Stevens, Global Alliances and Channels, ETQ

When one hears the phrase “Operational Excellence” they think process improvement or increasing efficiency in the process. But most companies struggle to turn their Operational Excellence (OPEX) vision into reality. What happens AFTER you design your OPEX program? How do you improve effectiveness and efficiency while maintaining compliance and reducing risk? In this webinar we look to answer those questions by demonstrating how your refined process can translate into an electronic system that can help turn vision into reality.