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Recorded Webinars

Risk Management Strategies for EHSQ - Past, Present and Future

Hosted by ISHN February 2018
Presenter: Sean Salvas, EHSQ Product Manager, ETQ
In this webinar you will learn how to leverage people, processes and innovative technologies to encourage advanced risk management, how leading indicators and analytics can help monitor and assess an organization's safety management system and more risk management approaches for EHSQ.

The Proactive Industrial Hygiene (IH) Management System

Hosted by ISHN June 2017
Presenter: Sean Salvas, EHSQ Product Manager, ETQ
This webinar discusses the challenges faced by organizations with regards to IH operational standards, and the appropriate methods needed to mitigate risk.

The “New” EU Medical Device Regulations: A Game Changer for European Medical Device Companies?

Hosted by Qmed April 2017
Michael Drues, Ph.D., President, Vascular Sciences
Tony Parise, Life Sciences Product Manager, ETQ

This 3-part webinar series will provide an overview of the new MDR focusing on the thinking that lead to them and the thinking to prepare for them. Similarities and differences compared to US regulatory and quality requirements will also be discussed emphasizing the actions that attendees should take now to be ready for 2020 and beyond.

Using Technology to Turn Operational Excellence Vision into Reality

Hosted by ETQ January 2017
Ben Riblett, Principal, Quality and Compliance Services, HighPoint Solutions
Tony Parise, Life Sciences Product Manager, ETQ
Greg Stevens, Global Alliances and Channels, ETQ

When one hears the phrase “Operational Excellence” they think process improvement or increasing efficiency in the process. But most companies struggle to turn their Operational Excellence (OPEX) vision into reality. What happens AFTER you design your OPEX program? How do you improve effectiveness and efficiency while maintaining compliance and reducing risk? In this webinar we look to answer those questions by demonstrating how your refined process can translate into an electronic system that can help turn vision into reality.