Equation Engine

Equation Engine

Store and utilize frequently used equations in Equation Profiles. Parameter and equation profiles can be created and tested prior to use for key EHSS and Quality processes such as Air Emissions, Water Management and Industrial Hygiene.

Equation Engine

EtQ's Equation Engine automates the process of performing complex calculations for several EHSS and Quality needs. There are three basic steps to follow before using the Equation Engine including:

  • Translate the problem into an equation.
  • Identify the equation’s parameters.
  • Identify each parameter’s type.

Once these initial steps are completed, the equation generation process can be initiated including:

  • Create a parameter profile for each parameter.
  • Create the equation profile.
  • Test the equation.

How Does It Work?

EtQ’s Equation Engine allows you to save your frequently used equations as Equation Profiles. Equation Profiles can be called and executed through EtQScript fields from Reliance Settings and Profiles.

Equation Profiles can be called and executed through EtQ Reliance fields and built into existing modules. This module also allows you to save different types of parameters to be used in your equations like Constants, Location Constants, Simple Parameters passed on a specific EtQ Reliance Form or Form’s Field, or even Parameters retrieved by scripts of SQL Statements.

Some example types include:

  • Constants that represent values that never change such as Pi (3.14) or the number of days in a year (365).
  • Constants that are correlated to locations.
  • Simple parameters that are retrieved from specific Reliance Forms or Form fields. These parameters can also be the result of applying specific aggregation functions.
  • EtQScript Parameters: The parameters that are retrieved by executing a specific EtQScript.
  • SQL Parameters: The parameters that are retrieved by executing a specific SQL statement.
  • Context Parameters. The advanced parameters that are produced by substituting other parameters (typically a system field value) in a specific formula. For example, when the parameter is the number of injury/illness documents that are related to a specific location, the number of injury/illness documents is calculated based on the past location.

The Equation Engine comes with standard equations out of the box, such as Carbon Emissions, Wastewater and others; however, you can easily create your own equations within the module for all EHSS and Quality needs.

Equation Engine is just one of the many processes EtQ's Environmental Health and Safety (EHS), Quality and Compliance Software streamlines and simplifies. EtQ's EHS, Quality and Compliance Software lets you take full advantage of the familiarity that most of your users already have with a Web browser by providing an interface with which they are already comfortable and productive. Other modules within the EHS Software suite include: Incidents, Accidents and Safety Reporting, Compliance Obligations, Management of Change, Sustainability, Emissions Inventory and more.