Josh Weiss, President, Hexagon MI, and Vick Vaishnavi, CEO, ETQ, Discuss the Evolution of the Hexagon/ETQ Partnership

Chris Nahil
By Chris Nahil on September 19, 2023

At this year’s HxGN Live event in Las Vegas, Josh Weiss, President of Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence Division, and Vick Vaishnavi, CEO of ETQ, a part of Hexagon, gathered for a discussion on the evolution of the partnership between ETQ and Hexagon MI. The conversation, hosted by Beth Keener, looked back on the first year of the partnership but, more importantly, what it means for the future of data-driven and sustainable manufacturing.

The foundation of the corporate relationship is built on the synergies between ETQ’s reputation as a leader in quality management solutions powered by quality data workflows and Hexagon’s expertise in quality data capture, inspection, and metrology. The impact of this relationship on current and future customers will be driven by the partners’ ability to consolidate those disparate data streams into actionable intelligence. The full vision of both Josh and Vick is based on the shared ability to leverage various data types — such as supply chain quality, nonconformance reporting and metrology data — to empower both shop floor workers and top-floor executives to make informed decisions.

One of the concepts critical to the realization of this vision is “decision velocity.” Decision velocity hinges on the use of automation, workflow decisions, analytics, and modern technologies like AI and machine learning to make better decisions, faster across the enterprise.

Additionally, Josh and Vick discussed the integration of quality and sustainability as a means to optimize manufacturing processes while reducing energy consumption. They cite specific customer examples, including a case in which QMS-based analytics helped a customer choose suppliers that both improved product quality and minimized energy consumption, resulting in significant savings.

In the evolving manufacturing landscape, the partnership between Hexagon and ETQ will connect data-rich but often fragmented information from various points across the manufacturing ecosystem. Refining the disparate pools of data to create actionable intelligence will drive better decision-making and help create the future of smart manufacturing and sustainability, and improved decision-making from the shop floor to the top floor.