Quality Assurance Definition

What is Quality Assurance?

What is Quality Assurance? – Quality Assurance Definition

Quality assurance (QA) is a set of procedures designed to ensure a product or service is high quality and meets requirements. It involves defining measurable quality standards and developing comprehensive plans and strategies to quickly find and prevent quality-related issues throughout the product life cycle.

Quality Assurance Frequently Asked Questions:

How can ETQ Reliance solve those challenges?


ETQ Reliance helps to address organizational quality assurance challenges by acting as a centralized repository that allows the relevant managers, employees, and stakeholders to access compliance requirements, quality processes, audit inspections, and corrective actions. 

The platform features advanced analytics and reporting tools. These tools empower users to create customized dashboards, generate reports, and visualize data.

By providing the tools required for managers and employees to identify the root causes of issues, ETQ Reliance also helps organizations manage corrective and preventive actions more effectively. It also helps prevent these quality issues from recurring by allowing users to set relevant notifications, trigger escalations, and analyze trends in-depth.

These features help organizations adapt quickly to industry standards and ultimately improve their overall quality and efficiency. This means they can deliver more value to customers and stakeholders and remain competitive in today’s increasingly dynamic marketplace.

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