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Quality Vision 2022

The Future in Focus

April 26-29, 2022

For a limited time, you can access all the valuable product, best practice and customer sessions from Quality Vision 2022. This year’s conference theme was “The Future in Focus” — the future of quality and quality management, overcoming new challenges and engaging with new opportunities.

2022 ETQ Quality Vision Agenda

Day 1: April 26

Training Management
Training Management is getting an update! Join us for a presentation on the latest features, forms, reports and data all used to simplify and control the training experience.

Future in Focus: People
What does the future hold for Quality IT?
Join us to learn how the Quality IT teams at Corning and DRiV are partnering with line-of-business peers to drive future digital transformation and QMS standardization efforts across their organizations.

What It Takes to Deploy an Application
Want to deploy a Reliance application on your own? In this session, you’ll learn about the important tasks needed to successfully deploy a new application quickly to your organization as well as the powerful Reliance features that make it easy.

Customer Panel: Supplier Quality
Join supplier quality professionals in this panel discussion to learn how supplier quality management can reduce risk and make your supply chain a competitive advantage. Hear their insights, best practices, lessons learned, and future plans, with practical tips for leveraging your QMS.

Join ETQ CEO Rob Gremley for a review of what’s ahead at ETQ and how ETQ envisions providing you with great products and services.

Product Vision
ETQ Chief Technology Officer, Morgan Palmer, lays out the vision and plans for the ETQ Next Gen QMS, a combination of proven and leading-edge technology to deliver new levels of usability, flexibility, visibility and scalability.

What’s New in Applications
Learn about our new applications including Lab Investigation and Quality Events as well as our Manufacturer Incident Report (MIR) process which can be added to the Complaints Handling application. You will learn what they are, why they are valuable, when they are available and how you get these great additions.

Customer Panel: Safety
Join ETQ customers in this panel discussion to learn how they use ETQ Reliance to manage safety incidents. Hear their insights, best practices, lessons learned, and future plans.

Day 2: April 27

Customer Panel: Mobile 2.0
Walk through the exciting new features available in the enhanced mobile 2.0 release and see how these can be used to improve your quality processes no matter where your users are.

Join us to see an in depth review of the UI improvements we’ve made in Reliance NXG, hear about our design process, and to see the enhancements that are currently in design.

Customer Panel: Culture of Quality 
Join fellow quality leaders to learn why organizations need a culture of quality now more than ever.  In their 2022 Quality Management Primer, Gartner states, “A strong culture of quality is critical to maintaining a focus on quality when disruptions like supply constraints and inflation lead employees to focus on other priorities. In fact, companies with a strong culture of quality are 3.5 times more likely to outperform their goals during disruptions.”

How to Get the Most of Your ETQ Experience 
Here at ETQ we have many resources to ensure your ultimate success with Reliance.  Do you ever get confused on who to partner with or where to start? Learn more for an optimal experience with Account Executive, Customer Success, Academy, Campus, Support, and Services.

Customer Panel: Shift to SaaS
Join Mahmoud Al-Khayyat, Director Tech and Cloud and ETQ customers that have recently migrated to SaaS. They will share their drivers, benefits, best practices and lessons learned. Mahmoud will share key learnings from many successful migrations, how to prepare, best practices, and how we focus on high availability, scalability, and flexibility.

Customer Panel: Building Custom Applications
ETQ configurability enables you to not only configure the 40 out of the box applications, but also to build your own.  Hear from ETQ customers (who are not developers) why, how and what custom applications they’ve configured as well as best practices and lessons learned.

Product Roadmap
Join this session to learn more about the planned innovations for Reliance NXG and CG and how to ensure that your feedback and ideas are captured for consideration by ETQ Product Management

Day 3: April 28

Managing a Global Rollout of Reliance
Many customers recognize the value of a global harmonized QMS solution.  However, many struggle with the implementation obstacles that emerge along the way.  Join ETQ experts and customers to learn how they approached their harmonized and integrated implementation of ETQ reliance to optimize their Industry 4.0  initiatives.

As part of our ongoing series of ROI sessions, we want to look at how organizations are leveraging the ROI of quality. In this session, we will hear from Reliance customers who have successfully identified the ROI of their quality investments and continue to prove the value of the Quality team. Attendees will get some practical tips for how to use ROI in their organizations.

Update on Modernization Program
Over the course of the past year, ETQ has been working on a program to migrate customers to Reliance NXG. We are now beginning to upgrade customers to this new platform, and this session will give everyone an update on the program.

Future in Focus: Technology
Join Heera Sharma, ETQ Chief Architect, to learn more about the leading cloud-native technologies in Reliance NXG and their benefits.  Learn how these technologies reduce your risk, streamline integrations to other mission critical business systems, improve efficiency, provide a future-proof platform for growth and reduce support costs.  Get a sneak peak at new technologies in the road map.

Innovation Awards 
Each year ETQ recognizes customers who have implemented ETQ Reliance in innovative ways to solve important problems. You will learn from the three finalists as they present their innovative solutions and see if you can implement those solutions at your own organization.

Tips and Tricks
Get the maximum value out of ETQ Reliance with these tip and tricks that ETQ experts have discovered and collected.  This year we will be sharing tips and tricks that are submitted by customers.  Always a don’t miss session at the conference.

In this session you’ll get an in-depth look at how Insights advanced analytics delivers critical decision support for quality and safety management, including process efficiency and timeliness, compliance, benchmarking, training status, and the safety pyramid.

Day 4: April 29 – Training

Quality Vision Academy Live: Configuration Tips and Tricks
In this session, we’ll cover oft-requested Reliance configuration tips and tricks. Learn where, when, and how to deploy these powerful configurations in your ETQ applications.

Quality Vision Academy Live: Prepping for Migration to NXG
In this session, you’ll learn how to plan for the upcoming NXG migration, technical changes (e.g. user authentication) that may impact your environment, and how to ensure your system is compatible with the migration process.

Quality Vision Academy Live: Leveraging ETQScript
ETQScript is a powerful scripting language that allows you to add business logic and automation to your processes. In this session, we’ll cover some common use cases for leveraging ETQScript in your Reliance forms and workflows.