The Future of QMS Solutions: Top Trends to Watch

Chris Nahil
By Chris Nahil on June 8, 2023

Discover the future of QMS solutions and the top trends shaping quality management, including cloud-based and mobile solutions, improved integration capabilities and the power of digitization.

Stay competitive by embracing smart manufacturing, predictive quality analytics and the transformative potential of AI and ML.

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Current Trends in Quality Management

Cloud-Based QMS Solutions

There are a variety of cloud-based QMS solutions on the market today designed to help organizations improve their quality processes, document control and address compliance.

A cloud-native QMS offers greater flexibility than on-prem systems because it improves quality management across the business while improving critical business functions such as data collection and reporting.

ETQ’s cloud-based quality management solution is powered by an agile platform, which allows the customer to create, select, adapt and modify applications.

Mobile QMS Solutions

On-site quality management has historically been challenged by attempts to record on the move, resulting in information loss. The advent of mobile technology has mitigated this problem by improving the ease and accuracy of recording.

Adapting mobile devices to quality control has been slow but is now accelerating. Research conducted by Zapia in 2022 showed that 75% of workers use personal devices for work-related tasks.

Using phones and tablets rather than laptops makes quality management more straightforward.

Improved Integration Capabilities

Successful integration of QMS software depends on customer requirements, and the software must employ relevant data across the whole enterprise. An integrated system has several benefits, including providing a view across the entire organization, eliminating manual processes, rapid results and identifying the most valuable metrics.

Digitization & Automation

Manufacturing is undergoing a significant digital transformation. Advances in technology have created efficiencies in three areas:

  • analytics which provides managers with key information
  • the use of intelligent sensors and their ability to provide real-time data
  • optimization of the supply chain

Technologies automate routine tasks, predict potential issues and improve operational efficiency, thereby reducing costs and risks associated with human error.

What Will Shape the Future of Quality Management?

Smart Manufacturing

Smart manufacturing means integrating the entire manufacturing facility to manage systems and respond to problems accurately. QMS software is a foundational component in the Smart Factory model because it serves as the digital connection between all components of the manufacturing lifecycle.

Deployed correctly, EQMS can lower costs and increase productivity through optimization and automation.

Predictive Quality Analytics

Predictive quality analytics is a valuable feature of quality management systems because it can gather test data from a system and then analyze it using algorithms and machine learning. The results obtained can be used to identify patterns that predict future outcomes. Software quality is improved, and a decision-making data set is available to make proactive decisions.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) And Machine Learning (ML)

Artificial intelligence and machine learning offer processes for analyzing large amounts of data in ways manual systems could not. AL and ML can process enormous amounts of data extracted from every part of the manufacturing ecosystem. That data can then be analyzed for trends and insights. During processing, the system learns about the data, eliminating pre-programming.

Embracing the Future of QMS Solutions

According to Gartner, organizations must address four areas to keep up with future trends in quality: develop predictive capabilities, be connected across the ecosystem, establish flexible governance and be embedded in the business. These areas are best served by choosing a comprehensive quality management solution that addresses each of them, as ETQ Reliance does.

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