5 Essential Features to Look for in Quality Management System Software

Chris Nahil
By Chris Nahil on June 6, 2023

5 Essential Features to Look for in Quality Management System Software

A quality management system (QMS) is a centralized system designed to help organizations improve communication, manage processes, and meet customer and regulatory requirements. 


If integrated properly, quality management system software can help you to identify and address potential quality issues before they occur. This can save you a significant amount of time and money in the long run.  


Choosing and implementing a QMS system is a significant investment, and there are many things to consider when deciding which QMS system is right for your organization.


What Features Should Good Quality Management System Software Have?


User-Friendly Navigation

Intuitive, user-friendly navigation that provides clear instructions and visual cues is one of the most overlooked but essential features of quality management software. One of the most vital steps to successful quality management system software implementation is to get your employees to want to use it by making it accessible.


User-friendly navigation helps employees to understand how to use the EQMS system effectively and reduces the risk of errors. It can also significantly reduce the time and resources needed to help them learn the software, which means you can reduce the amount of money you spend on training, and they can spend more time being productive.


User-friendly navigation can also make it easier for employees to access, understand and follow any required guidelines, documentation, or procedures. This can help to ensure that regulatory requirements are met. 


Custom Reporting & Analytics Tracking

Custom reporting and analytics tracking can help your organization to identify trends within your quality system in real-time and then use this data to make informed decisions that promote continuous improvement.


Good QMS software allows you to track key performance indicators (KPIs) tailored to specific objectives. Employees can then use custom reporting to closely measure the success of these KPIs and identify potential improvements.


Generating custom reports can also provide you with a comprehensive picture of your organization’s compliance status and help you prepare for internal and external audits.


Process Flexibility

Customer requirements, market conditions, and organizational needs are constantly shifting. Good quality management system software should be flexible enough to respond effectively to these changes and address inefficiencies or bottlenecks in quality processes.


Using software that promotes process flexibility also allows employees to contribute to process improvements, which can help to create a culture of ownership and collaboration within your organization. 


Quality Management System Software is Built-in Compliance Support

Quality management software with built-in compliance support can simplify the implementation and overall maintenance of compliance measures, reducing the risk of potential non-compliance penalties


Quality management software with built-in compliance support significantly reduces the time and effort required to produce compliance-related documentation by providing preconfigured forms and templates. Using these forms can improve your organization’s accuracy and traceability, which are crucial for audits.


Expandable Systems

Choosing an expandable system is another one of the most overlooked quality management software features. While it may not feel like one of your top priorities in the early stages of setting up your organization, the benefits of choosing an expandable system will quickly become apparent as your organization grows and the amount of data you need to process increases.


While an expandable system may require a slightly higher upfront investment, it can provide significant long-term savings. It eliminates the costs associated with migrating to a new system as your organization expands and your business needs change.


Choosing the Right Quality Management System Software for Quality Success

There are lots of different QMS solutions available on the market, and there are many things to weigh up when choosing the right solution for your organization. ETQ Reliance QMS software offers all of the above features and has been specially designed to improve visibility, usability, flexibility, and scalability across your entire organization. 

Speak with a quality expert who can help you to find the right quality management system software that aligns with your organization’s processes, documentation, and policies.