Quality Management System (QMS) Software

In today’s market, the need to maintain a high level of quality is paramount to success. EtQ has developed a leading Quality Management Software solution that provides a holistic and scalable solution for automating processes, integrating business systems, and fostering collaboration and continuous improvement.

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HydraMaster credits EtQ Reliance with being “instrumental in their efforts to improve and grow their quality system and in raising credibility.”

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Viewing Quality Management as a Global, Strategic Initiative in Businesses.

Addressing the Evolution of Quality Management

Quality management is an evolving methodology in businesses today. ISO regulations such as ISO 9001:2015 have shifted the mindset of quality to a more company-wide approach. Within increasing globalization and complexity of organizations today, maintaining a strong level of visibility and control over the quality management system requires a shift in the global view of quality. In addition, consumer’s exposure to quality has a direct impact on their product choices. Companies put quality at the forefront of their company strategy.

Creating Visibility and Control Through QMS Software

With increasing focus on quality as a company-wide initiative, there is a need for solutions to help gain the needed visibility and control. Not only in being able to control their quality management processes, but also having the visibility for a top-down view on the entire Quality Management System. In a global enterprise ecostystem, this can prove difficult. This is where QMS software becomes a critical component; having a software solution that provides the control, process automation, and reporting visibility to achieve quality management system objective is key to success.

quality management systems by ETQ

Get Productive Faster with Industry Best Practice Processes.

EtQ has built its Quality Management solution on a foundation of over 20 best practice modules, which enables you to leverage and configure processes to meet your needs. All modules meet common standards for ISO 9000 and similar initiatives for your business.

Foundation of over 20 Modules including:

  • Document Control
  • Corrective Action
  • Audit Management
  • NonConformances
  • FMEA
  • Change Management

Build a Global Quality Management Solution with EtQ Reliance.

Quality Management Software (QMS) Solution by EtQ

EtQ’s quality management system software solution is an enterprise platform that provides the best practices around managing and measuring processes around quality management. With over integrated 20 modules, EtQ’s QMS Software provides a seamless process of managing quality, from event detection to event correction, and change management. Audit management, complaints, nonconformances, corrective action, training, document control and change management are just some of processes that EtQ’s QMS software solution helps to automate.

Integrating Enterprise and Site-Level Processes

For companies that manage a large enterprise, EtQ’s quality management system Ssolution provides a centralized resource for managing a global quality program on a single platform. Using EtQ’s Administration Center, companies can create a single, holistic solution that enables multiple sites to operate on a common platform, while maintaining a level of unique business processes related to their area. This solution help global companies implement an enterprise wide deployment, with the ability to still maintain local independence on processes.

Traceability, from Event Detection to Event Correction.

The power of EtQ’s QMS Platform is the ability to automatically integrate modules. Data is inherited from one process to the next, and you can launch a Corrective Action directly from any adverse event, and have the data traced back to its source. This way, you can view the entire history of an event, from the moment it was recorded to the moment it was resolved.

Quality Management Systems by EtQ

Promote Visibility with an Integrated Quality Management Hub.

Effective Quality Management integrates data from multiple business systems. EtQ is designed to enable multiple integration methods to connect to other systems within your organization. This integration enables Quality to be a Hub for all operational excellence within the business.

  • Reduce the time and cost of dual-entry by pulling data from existing production systems
  • Eliminate the quality gap by automatically converting defects identified in production systems into workflow based events in EtQ
  • Prevent poor data quality by selecting from existing data in external systems
  • Shorten inventory cycles by increasing efficiency of quality investigations in releasing products put on hold in production systems
  • Minimize risk in product releases by scanning systems for open Quality issues prior to release
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Create visibility through Risk Management and Enterprise Reporting.

Risk Management in Quality Systems

With standards such as ISO 9001:2015 and others placing an increased focus on risk management, the concept of risk mitigation is becoming a more central focus for companies looking to automate their quality management system. EtQ’s quality management solutions are all built with quantitative risk management tools that allow companies to add risk to any process, calculate risk levels and take action based on risk results. They can also report on top risks, generate risk histories, and make better, more informed decisions to take risk-based preventive action on quality management system improvements.

Enterprise Reporting to Impact Continuous Improvement

Part of any enterprise level quality management system is the ability to make improvements based on the data. However, making sense of the data without reporting is a challenge. To address this, EtQ is built with enterprise reporting and analytics tools that allow users to drill down on charts and reports, look for trends, search and filter data, and make calculated decisions on how to improve quality management within their organization. With Advanced reporting, analytics and filtering, you can create a global view on Quality Management and provide your team with a platform for initializing continuous improvement.

Foster Continuous Improvement and Organizational Change.

Quality Management isn’t just about process efficiency, it is about continuously improving and leveraging the data to make better, more informed decisions. EtQ has a robust set of solutions to provide visibility into the data, affect management of change, and help companies make better decisions

  • Robust Reporting and Analytics Solution, tied to all processes
  • Exception Alerts identifies criteria for real-time tracking of adverse events
  • Advanced Searching and Reporting Capabilities drill down on the data
  • Workflow enabled Change Management process promotes company-wide operational change
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  • "By automatically generating and routing adverse events, we’ve saved a significant amount of time—the equivalent of 3 full time resources — who can now focus on more value-added activities."

    − VP of Quality Assurance, Medical Device Manufacturer
  • "The implementation of EtQ QMS has allowed our company to incorporate Lean principles into Existing EtQ workflows because the solution fully supports the ability to configure process to our need, which has helped us to eliminate unnecessary waste and confusion within our organization."

    − Director of QA, Consumer Products Company
  • "Our EtQ QMS system is now integrated into other business systems to provide visibility into quality issues pertaining to that system. As these systems communicate with EtQ’s QMS, they reduce the likelihood of poor quality across the enterprise. By streamlining operations and improving quality, we now have a single, closed loop process that spans the enterprise and has a legitimate effect on our bottom line."

    − VP of Quality Improvement, Consumer Products Organization
  • "EtQ’s solution is now our single, global point of reference for all management of change within the organization. EtQ’s real-time reporting and access to compliance data helps to create visibility and provides easier, more reliable search and trending."

    − VP of Continuous Improvement, Pharmaceutical Company

QMS Features.

Flexible Workflow Platform.

The flexible workflow engine was first introduced by EtQ in 1995 and guides the business processes using intelligent business rules. Moreover, it is completely configurable by the user, putting business process automation in the hands of the business user, without programming.

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Quality Management Software by EtQ

Completely Configurable Dashboard.

The EtQ Portal allows all the pertinent information regarding maintaining compliance to be available on one screen. From the portal you can see:

  • Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
  • My Assignments
  • Favorites (Documents, Reports, Applications, etc)
  • Application Launcher
  • Saved Reports

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QMS Software - Flexible Workflow Platform

Built In Enterprise Reporting & Analytics.

EtQ was one of the first companies to incorporate a reporting system built directly into the system. Using charting, report views and alerts, users can enhance the visibility into the data through EtQ’s built in tools.

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Quality Management System Software - Configurable Dashboard

Flexible Deployment.

EtQ is able to provide customers with several options in how they wish to deploy the EtQ Reliance Compliance Management solution. It's about choice—customers want to be able to select the infrastructure that aligns with their business needs—EtQ is able to give our customers this choice.

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quality control software by ETQ
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