Enterprise Risk Management

Identify, assess and manage risk for continuous improvement

Automate several key quality processes that allow companies to incorporate risk-based thinking into organizational planning and operational monitoring. Identify and assess risks companywide and leverage risk data to drive long-term mitigation and improvement.

Risk management is a critical concept in the ISO 9000 standard, as well as EHS and GMP compliance initiatives. Being able to determine risk levels on adverse events helps to make better decisions and foster better quality and compliance. The ETQ Reliance Enterprise Risk Management solution links risk-based metrics to any form or process within the ETQ Reliance QMS. The solution allows customers to uncover systemic issues, prioritize events by risk and report on those risks as fuel to foster continuous improvement.

With ETQ Enterprise Reliance Management, visibility is expanded across your entire enterprise, giving you the ability to identify trends in risk and take the initiative to mitigate the risk of recurring adverse events.

Build risk templates

ETQ Enterprise Risk Management allows customers to create risk templates, configure the risk parameters and incorporate them into any process within the ETQ Reliance QMS.

Report on risks

Build a history of risk events and generate reports on various risks from all areas of the business to create a macro-level view of risk across all quality, EHS and compliance processes.

Act on risks

Automatically launch corrective actions, action items or sub-activities. Each record will inherit the risk information and link to the original assessment record.

Risk Management and CAPA

ETQ Reliance Enterprise Risk Management automatically integrates with the Reliance Corrective Action application. This allows users to filter adverse events based on severity and prioritize the most critical events – those that actually require a CAPA -- first.

  • Multiple risk parameters provide a consistent method for analyzing risk
  • Step-by-step root cause analysis shows were events began
  • Identifies noncritical events for immediate resolution, to preserve CAPAs for the most critical events
  • Includes effectiveness check plan and risk mitigation history.

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