Complaint Handling Software

Act and effectively handle customer complaints

EETQ Reliance Complaint management software manages the investigation and resolution of customer complaints while ensuring compliance with FDA and GMP guidelines. It records all customer complaints, initiates investigations and keeps a record of customer and product data associated with the complaint.

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How ETQ Reliance Complaint Handling Works

ETQ Reliance Complaint Handling is a key component of any organization's compliance program, especially for those in regulated industries. Part of ensuring compliance within your processes is making sure that customer complaints are recorded, reviewed, measured and actioned in a timely manner. For companies in the regulatory space, the ability to respond quickly is critical to ensuring that you are meeting the needs of your customer, showing an adherence to standards, and fostering improvement and responsiveness to compliance. Part of the power of the ETQ Reliance Complaint Handling is its ability to collect critical complaint information and transfer this information from one process to the next. You can easily launch corrective action, determine risk levels, and build a more transparent view of your post-market activities in ETQ Reliance.

computer with complaint handling software screen

Collect right information

Within the ETQ Reliance Complaint Handling record, you can configure the amount of data you need to collect. Through easy-to-use forms and intuitive layouts, you can collect post-market feedback quickly and thoroughly.

Determine risk levels

Companies are often faced with a challenge of filtering severity of the complaint, and how/when to escalate a complaint. ETQ Reliance is built with quantitative risk tools to help you filter and categorize complaint data.

Report and act

Within complaint forms, you can organize the data to generate complaint reports for regulatory reporting, internal improvement or inspection-ready reports. Any complaint can automatically launch a Corrective action, with a click of a button.

Intuitive Forms

Within the Complaint Handling form, you can view the information related to the patient, the doctor, the product being recorded or any other pertinent information. Each form is designed to be intuitive and easy-to-use, which allows you to record and enter information quickly..

  • Provides a form for medical device reporting
  • Creates complaints from third-party systems
  • Automatically looks up related complaints
  • Notifies affected departments and people
  • Information pertaining to products, customers and patients is automatically loaded into the system
  • Reporting feature identifies trends

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