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EtQ Reliance Cloud Portal Minimizes IT Resources, Maximizes Productivity

FARMINGDALE, NY (11-12-14): EtQ, a provider of Quality, Compliance and Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) software, today announced its Reliance Cloud Portal offering, which enables organizations to increase visibility into the supply chain to result in greater collaboration.

EtQ’s Reliance Cloud Portal is a cloud-based Reliance installation that is available to all Reliance customers and provides a safe, secure way to extend processes to external parties, such as suppliers, customers, remote workers and more.  These external parties may be involved in the workflow processes without having any direct access to your network or your internal Reliance environment.

Reliance Cloud Portal capabilities include:

  • Ability to report on trends within the supply chain
  • Mobile user support
  • Integration with 3rd party systems
  • Ability to delegate user management
  • Validation for GMP customers
  • Complete data backup and recovery services

“The Reliance Cloud Portal enables you to gain greater visibility and control over compliance processes that involve external parties,” stated Morgan Palmer, chief technology officer at EtQ.  “EtQ provides you with the infrastructure to support the solution, in a flexible, scalable cloud environment that is dedicated to your business. The Reliance Cloud Portal improves information flow and makes interactions with external parties more secure by allowing you to involve these parties in the workflow process without providing direct access to the network or internal Reliance environment.”

For more information on the Reliance Cloud Portal, contact EtQ at or 800.354.4476. Visit us on the Web at

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