How Technology can Help You Better Manage Your Supply Chain

In this fast-paced, ever-changing world consumers are becoming much more demanding when it comes to their food and beverage choices. We are seeing a huge push towards healthier or “clean” eating and it doesn’t matter what segment of the industry you are in—manufacturing, foodservice or retail—you, as a food supplier, will be required to ensure that you are meeting those needs. Almost daily we see announcements about Food and Beverage companies that are looking to remove artificial ingredients, antibiotics and other items that are perceived to be harmful.

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  • How a comprehensive supply chain management system ensures that both your up- and down-stream partners are meeting any requirements that you have determined would ensure your product is safe, wholesome and healthy
  • The four main processes of an effective supplier management program
  • How the right Food Safety Management System (FSMS) will enable you to automate, standardize and integrate your food safety processes

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