Free White Paper: Uncovering the Hidden Factory by Integrating your Systems

Prevent the lack of nonconformance communication between your ERP and MES systems

There is a mysterious, secret hidden factory lurking in your organization, but don't go searching in the plant to find it. This factory is hidden because there is a lack of communication between your Enterprise Resource Planning system or Manufacturing Execution System, which is tracking nonconforming materials and your Quality Management System, which is tracking the corrective action of the process behind these nonconformances.

In this white paper learn about:

  • What to consider when searching for QMS software solutions to address your hidden factory
  • How integrating your ERP/MES and QMS system can help solve the mystery of this expensive, wasteful hidden factory
  • Benefits of uncovering the hidden factory
  • How to to view the relationship between the QMS and ERP/MES System

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