Environmental Management

Environmental Management

Make environmental management a strategic business priority. Identify environmental impact targets, log permit information, oversee waste water and emissions management and track sustainability initiatives.

Aspects, Objectives and Targets

The first step in reducing a company’s environmental impact is to identify the aspects and targets on which to focus and track. Once these are determined, a company must establish metrics to track against and to ensure it hits target goals.

  • Create, maintain, track, monitor all environmental, social and economic aspects, objectives and targets of your organization's environmental/sustainability activities
  • Gather quantifiable information about environmental impact
  • Report aspect documents over time
  • Integrates with Risk Register to identify and mitigate risk

Permit Control

Permit Control lets you log permit information, attach permits and build dates and deliverables that ensure your permits are always up to date. Permit Control archive keeps all records of revised or expired permits and manages the review and approval process of documentation necessary to obtain new permits and renew expiring permits.

  • Create and store active and operating permits by type with all the necessary regulatory information
  • Track limits for associated permits
  • Report permit types and documents by location
  • Integrates with Water Management to define all outfall and parameter information

Chemical Inventory

Chemical Inventory tracks and reports chemical information for key regulatory needs for emergency planning, emergency release notifications, hazardous chemical storage reporting and toxic chemical release inventory. Through Chemical Compliance tools, customers can create and manage Safety Data Sheets and manage dangerous goods, labeling and packaging, hazard classification and any part of the supply chain dealing with dangerous goods or chemicals. This creates an embedded chemical approval processes that allows site-level oversight of what is bought, used, stored and shipped along with the engineering, administrative and safety controls required to manage the process.

  • Report chemical inventories by location for a real-time view of chemical compliance and storage
  • Create chemical profiles through a chemical approval workflow
  • Track chemical usage and storage locations to ensure regulatory compliance
  • Integrates with third party chemical database structure (3E, etc.)
  • Integrates with xOverTime for emissions and reporting related to chemical activities
  • Integrates with Suppliers, Materials and Chemicals for referencing regulatory limits and inventories

Waste Water Management

Waste Water Management gives oversight on all waste activities, profiles, storage areas and shipments. You can schedule waste-related activities to ensure optimal frequency of waste pickup, treatment and disposal. You can also track and report metrics related to waste shipment, type, hauler, location and date.

  • Oversight of all waste activities from “cradle to grave”
  • Create an inventory of waste containers and shipments using specific waste profiles through waste characterization
  • Create waste manifest documents
  • Use the Mobile App to complete assigned tasks when remote or disconnected from the corporate network
  • Report waste inventories and types by location
  • Integrates with Suppliers, Materials and Chemicals for referencing regulatory limits and inventories

Sustainability Reporting

Sustainability Reporting helps organizations effectively track, measure and report on their sustainability initiatives so they can function with the least possible impact on the environment. An automated workflow helps users take immediate action on sustainability events through corrective action, change management and employee training.

  • Track, measure, and report on sustainability initiatives enabling an organization to function with the least impact possible on the environment
  • Create and distribute disclosure questionnaires and templates such as GRI and CDP
  • Compare inputs to set targets and metrics
  • Rollup and report on sustainability parameters such as energy and water usage
  • Integrates with xOverTime for transactional utility data (energy, water, etc.)

Emissions Management

ETQ Emissions Management calculates and tracks the amount of air pollutants discharged into the atmosphere for a given time. This fosters compliance with air pollutant and emissions regulations from around the world by performing complex calculations at a high volume on an on-going basis.

  • Leveraging the xOverTime engine, conduct timely environmental calculations and reports for all emissions and sources to ensure oversight of environmental impact
  • Calculate and roll up the volume of air pollutants emitted into the atmosphere during specific time periods and generate reports
  • Report GHG by source
  • Report VOCs and HAPs by location
  • Report water discharges by location
  • Integrates with third party chemical database structure (3E, etc.)
  • Integrates with xOverTime for emissions and reporting related to environmental activities
  • Integrates with Task Management to schedule and assign environmental compliance activities