Quality Analytics and Reporting

Draw actionable insight from quality data

ETQ makes it easy top access, analyze and act on the data that your QMS generates every day. With the Reliance Quality Analytics and Reporting tool you can quickly create export templates, generate scheduled or ad-hoc reports with drill down capabilities, and export that data to businesses intelligence (BI) and other analytical tools.

For basic reporting needs, ETQ Reliance has hundreds of ready-to-use reports and charting options to provide actionable data in real-time, directly from the QMS. Here are just some of the highlights of the ETQ Reliance Reporting and Analytics application:

  • Fully configurable report template
  • Report on any field or record type within the system
  • Report on multiple record types
  • Drill-down reporting capabilities to see and act on granular data down to individual records
  • Multiple report file formats
  • Conduct trend analysis
  • Multiple chart formats
  • Compliance Alerts Exception reporting – reports and notifications based on pre-set conditions

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