Corrective & Preventive Action (CAPA) Software

The ETQ Reliance Corrective Action process allows users to prioritize, filter, track and execute corrective actions automatically quickly and efficiently.

With Reliance’s CAPA capability, you can address systemic or recurring quality issues and use a process-based approach to resolve them. ETQ Reliance Corrective Action integrates with audit management, complaint handling, nonconformance handling and all other processes. Corrective Actions can be launched directly from audits and enables all stakeholders to collaborate on systemic issues.

Manage both internal and supplier corrective actions

Generate a corrective action request that routes through review, containment, root cause analysis, development of corrective action planning, and verification stages.

Create action plans to keep you on track

Built with intelligent workflow, the ETQ Reliance Corrective Action process is designed to keep work on track and automatically escalates notifications based on due dates, assignments and actions.

Corrective Action Planning

  • Create a corrective action plan, complete with a series of tasks for the entire team
  • Create conditional tasks so that records cannot move forward until all tasks are complete
  • Show a risk mitigation history for the plan
  • Risk mitigation on verification – ensure corrective action meets your risk parameters

Root Cause Analysis

  • Automatically assign investigation tasks to the team
  • Each task becomes a separate record, linked to the main Corrective Action
  • Receive an email notification once all investigation tasks are completed
  • If a Corrective Action is not required, you can close the record without requiring further action
  • Built-in Root Cause Analysis (RCA) Toolkit includes templates for techniques such as:
    • 5 Whys
    • Fishbone/6 Ms
    • Pareto

Launching a Corrective & Preventive Action

  • Ability to filter events by severity and risk to optimize your resources
  • Initiate investigations directly from audits or similar adverse events
  • Enable all stakeholders to collaborate on systemic issues
  • Create an investigation workflow prior to a full-blown CAPA

Reporting and Charting

  • Hundreds of out-of-the box reports and charts included to conduct analysis
  • Create new report templates to display effectiveness of the program
  • Report templates provide real-time status

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