Audit Management Software System

Be prepared for any inspection or audit

Conducting audits is an important part of continuous improvement. ETQ has created a complete audit management solution that helps you through the process of managing and tracking your audits. By creating configured workflows and audit profiles, you can have all the components of your audit management system in one centralized location. Conduct scheduled audits or ad-hoc audits, add questions or checklists, and choose from variable scoring options.

ETQ Audit Management is configurable to your processes and easy to manage and track. Reliance Audit Management software allows you to create audit plans with multiple audits throughout the year. You can set up profiles for each audit with integrated checklists and question data based on keywords from your audit. Questions, checklists and scoring methods are all configurable within the system, and you can generate a comprehensive audit report for all audits. Like all ETQ Reliance solutions, Audits Management can be integrated with other Reliance processes. For example, quality professionals can launch a corrective action (via the ETQ Reliance CAPA solution) directly from their audit findings.

ETQ Audit Management enables you to build a comprehensive audit management plan that tracks the progress of your auditing program from start to finish. This provides complete visibility into the overall health and effectiveness of your compliance system.

Build multiple external, internal audit and customer supplier audit types

ETQ Reliance Audit Management comes with various types of audits that give customers the flexibility to categorize and configure multiple audits based on any variable you choose.

Standardize audit management

Create audit templates, with standard language, reporting options and scoring methods. For each audit, you can ensure that the method, layout and approach are standard to your operating procedures.

Report and act

ETQ Reliance is built with comprehensive reporting on findings that can be charted, reviewed and acted on. Launch corrective actions, change management activities or execute other action items directly from the audit record.

How ETQ Reliance Audit Management & Tracking Software Works

Audit tracking through ETQ is intuitive. Just set up all aspects of the audit and let Reliance automation handle the daily operations of conducting each audit. Because ETQ Reliance is a SaaS suite, you can conduct audits from anywhere in the world – from the shop floor to the field.

Key Audit Management highlights:

Build Checklists and Questions

  • Create or import checklists for many audit types – internal, external, suppliers, customers and more
  • Create any number of question profiles and link to any checklist
  • Fully configure question types and notes
  • Choose any number of scoring options
  • Link audit management findings directly to corrective actions
  • Automatically lookup and display related investigations and/or corrective actions

Set up Audit Plans

  • Plan audits for an entire year or more
  • Configurable workflow automates the review and approval process
  • Automatically assign audits once they are scheduled
  • Automatically load relevant checklists
  • Ability to add more checklists as needed or add questions to checklists, ad-hoc
  • Escalate reminder notifications to assigned users and their managers

Perform and Track Audits

  • Issue Action items and assignments to track discrepancies or observations
  • Generate audit reporting with completion status and related action items
  • Record initial assessment results
  • Perform risk assessments on audits using multiple risk parameters
  • Link audits to CAPA and automatically launch corrective action as needed

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