SAP Integration

ETQ has developed several integration scenarios specifically for SAP implementations.

SAP is the dominant enterprise resource planning(ERP) system in industry today. Many organizations utilize SAP for all ERP needs, as well as controlling many of their critical operations. ETQ is a leading provider of Quality Management Software(QMS) and Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) solutions for many industries and ETQ Reliance Software has the robust workflow capabilities to automate the business processes associated with quality and EHS management.

ETQ Adds Value to SAP

ETQ’s workflow and best-practices approach to quality and EHS complement an organization’s SAP implementation. Many organizations utilize SAP's transactional approach to manufacturing operations, while using ETQ’s robust workflow to manage quality assurance associated with those transactions. Key benefits of ETQ integration with SAP include:

Identify SAP Master Data

  • SAP is the source system for employees, products, suppliers, and customers: ETQ can pull this master source data.
  • Eliminate dual entry of master data: by pulling master data, you can provide seamless entry into ETQ.
  • Facilitate consistent reporting and data exchange: Integration of master data means better business intelligence.

Seamless Part of the Overall SAP Process

  • ETQ enhances and extends SAP: ETQ is able to wrap workflow-based business process automation around the transactional events in SAP, adding a robust complementary layer to Quality and EHS within SAP.
  • Fits into the SAP business scenario maps: ETQ’s best-practices modules are well-aligned with SAP scenarios, and makes for a seamless integration of common business elements.
  • Fits into the SAP technology environment: SAP and ETQ are built upon similar technology platforms and can easily interface with each other.

Services Oriented Architecture

  • SAP’s recommended integration technology (Web Services): ETQ’s integration options align with SAP’s technology standards for integration, making ETQ the logical choice for Quality and EHS within SAP.
  • Leverage SAP-certified, bundled connection points: ETQ is a certified integration partner with SAP, and is able to utilize the connection points that are proven and certified by SAP, reducing integration complexity.
  • Most (if not all) of the configuration is in ETQ: ETQ is a highly configurable solution that enables the user to modify many aspects of the process without programming. This allows business users to fine-tune their processes that are connected to SAP and make these connections meet their unique business needs.

SAP Connection Scenarios

  • SAP Master Data: Synchronize production data, suppliers and customers with ETQ to lookup from any ETQ process.
  • SAP HCM: Automatically lookup employee and organizational data from SAP to populate ETQ’s injury/illness management and employee training processes.
  • SAP Complaints Processing: Automatically initiates complaint handling and investigation processes in ETQ, and provide regular status updates to SAP.
  • SAP Manufacturing Execution: Automatically create nonconforming reports in ETQ from SAP quality notifications, and control product release from ETQ’s disposition process.

In addition to these connection points, ETQ can also integrate with any type of SAP implementation using ETQ’s robust integration technologies.

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