Safety Management System Software

Safety Management System Software Overview

In the Aviation industry, an automated safety management system that can gather data in real-time and provide insight into all incidents across the enterprise is beneficial in identifying and relating incidents to uncover trends and take action to mitigate risk. EtQ provides a user-friendly environment that allows data to be easily entered and sent to the corporate office in real-time, which enables the end user to focus on events quickly and efficiently.

Air carriers that use automated Safety Management Systems will increase safety across their enterprise through use of integrated tools that allow them to find trends in separate incidents by creating safety reports, in real time, on incidents that occur across departments in their organization. Multiple reports will help users identify trends within their organization and enable them to use commonality in the data to proactively mitigate risk of recurrence.

EtQ’s solution helps maintain a high level of safety while maintaining compliance with the aviation industry’s regulatory bodies such as ICAO, the FAA and Transport Canada. EtQ’s solution also provides a holistic and scalable solution for automating processes, integrating business systems, and fostering collaboration and continuous improvement.

EtQ Safety Management Software Benefits Include:

Training Management

For any business to succeed it must consist of a workforce that is knowledgeable, skilled, and mindful of the processes that drive daily operations. Many areas within the aviation industry in particular rely on extensive training and competency of the workforce in order to avoid any critical safety incidents. All employees must be trained in all processes to ensure the job continues to be done safely and effectively.

Easier Compliance

To ensure compliance throughout your organization, the ability to have visibility into all data and report on this data is key. Reporting provides your organization with an expansive view of trends that are occurring throughout the enterprise that you otherwise would not have visibility into. EtQ’s reporting capabilities will provide you with insight into which areas of the organization are facing the most challenges, the number of incidents that have occurred, as well as a calculation of probability that is based on 3 years of historic safety data, allowing you to make well informed decisions for the future.

On Demand Audits

EtQ's Audit Management software automates the process of auditing surveys, such as internal audits and customer satisfaction surveys. No programming needed—all features of each audit type or survey type can be configured with no programming knowledge needed.

EtQ’s Safety Management Software system provides the ability to leverage advanced searching and reporting features to increase efficiency in finding data and reporting. EtQ allows an organization to record occurrences in real-time, assess the risk of each incident by using built-in risk tools and take action to mitigate these risks. This functionality allows the end user to create complete transparency within the safety of their organization, therefore increasing safety enterprise-wide and, and ultimately contributing to industry-wide Aviation safety.

EtQ is a dedicated solution that provides the framework for effective Safety Management through intuitive, integrated processes such as Corrective and Preventive Action (CAPA), Risk Register, Job Safety Analysis (JSA), Hazard Analysis, Crisis Management, and Reporting.