ETQ Reliance Delivers

Measurable ROI

What have customers achieved with ETQ Reliance?

lower quality costs

faster corrective actions

productivity gains

reduction in new product introduction time & reporting

Global Leaders Drive Quality Transformation with ETQ Reliance

More than 500 companies worldwide use ETQ Reliance to optimize their missioncritical quality processes

GE Transportation
Industry 4.0 innovator integrated its quality processes using ETQ Reliance, reducing locomotive defects and eliminating 12,000 steps from quality processes.

defects per unit cut over 9 years

saved in quality costs

in productivity gains over 9 years

Faster time to market via accelerated regulatory review

Auto-generated box graphics save tens of thousands in translation fees annually

Improved traceability saves time and thousands of dollars

World’s largest sandwich chain tracks food specifications, vendors and products across 21,000 franchises with ETQ Reliance.

Avanos Medical
Halyard Health, now part of Avanos Medical, used ETQ Reliance to standardize audits and streamline Medical Device Single Audit Program (MDSAP) certification.

total ROI

shorter waiting period for registering certain products

saved annually

What Customers are Saying

With the implementation of ETQ, quality has grown from being just the quality guys’ job to a company-wide system for continual improvement.


ETQ’s strategic move to incorporate regulatory field experts into their teams has been a great benefit. Their attention to detail is what makes ETQ a success.

—Abbott Laboratories

ETQ Reliance is already the most flexible platform in the industry, and ETQ Reliance takes the user experience to the next level.

—General Motors

Other systems could take a good year to get familiar with. We wanted something that users could springboard off of right form the get-go. We found Reliance to be that product.


Client service and support from ETQ is fabulous. The solution is cost-effective, so small and medium-sized companies can afford to pursue this system.

—Manitoba Harvest Hemp Foods

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