Make Sense of your Compliance Data with Centralized Reporting.

We live in a data-driven world. At any given point, we are faced with decisions that without the right data in front of us, we cannot improve and innovate. EtQ’s reporting and analytics are designed to help you make sense of your data and make better decisions.

Organize Your Data. Build Robust Reports.

EtQ’s solution is designed to provide you with tools to organize information logically and in a way that makes sense to your business. Create configurable views to look at the data in any number of ways, and filter the data by column or logical methods.

Create Drag and Drop Analytic Reports by role and user.

Drill-Down Charting
Create Scheduled Reports that drill down on data, to the record level.

Filter by column

Drill down on columns and sort views even further.

Find Data Quickly; Anywhere, Anytime.

Part of creating an efficient use of your system relies on the ability to find your data quickly. EtQ has several search methods to allow you to search on records, attachments and all data within the system.

  • Global Search: Google-style search across the entire system allows you to search on a keywords and match relevant results
  • Logical Multi-level Searching: Build out a logical search to drill down on multiple search levels
  • Search any application: Simple Google-style searching by application
  • Save your Searches: Like what you found? Save it and search in real-time whenever you want!
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Many Search Options
Access Charts on Desktop and Mobile

Graphically Display Reports Quickly

When you are called into a meeting to discuss compliance at your organization, and you only have 30 minutes to prepare, you want the data at your fingertips. EtQ’s centralized compliance reporting software lets you create chart templates that generate real-time reports and chart the data in a number of ways. That way, you’re never caught looking for the data – it’s right in front of you.

  • Generate Chart Templates or Ad-hoc Charts on any Report View within the System
  • Reduce the IT footprint on multiple business solutions – consolidate on EtQ’s Platform Choose from any number of Chart type: Bar, Column, Pie, Pareto, Radar, Gauge, Line and more
  • Drill down on charts to view more data – drill down directly to the record level if you want
  • Drag Charts directly into other applications, or save Charts as images for presentations
  • Display charts on your portal, feeding you real-time compliance data
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Dig Deeper into your Compliance Data

EtQ Analytics lets you conduct analysis on more data points, creates greater visibility, and puts more information at your fingertips than ever before. Go beyond charting report views and build analysis on any field within any form, anywhere – anytime.

  • Create User-defined reports on any field in Reliance
  • Drag fields to the analysis tool and automatically show the data
  • Analyze complex data with more visibility across multiple variables
  • One central location provides a more focused IT footprint and reduces infrastructure overhead
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Exception Reporting

Know about problems as they happen (or before)

The trouble with reporting is that it is typically designed to analysis existing events. This is good for continuous improvement, but what if you want to get notified on specific events as they happen? EtQ’s Alerts tool is designed for just that – simply set the criteria for a type of event, and when the system encounters that event, you get notified. It’s like having your own version of the “little red phone” to Compliance.

  • Set exception criteria and notification rules when events occur
  • Build out multiple reports on event notification types
  • Automatically initiate corrective action or activities when specific events occur

See more, do more with Compliance Portals

Having a window into your compliance system is important. With the various processes associated with your system, it’s hard to be in multiple places at once. The EtQ Portal is designed to be a user-defined dashboard that contains all the information related to your role, and provides a single, holistic view into your Compliance.

  • Set portals by user, role or access level
  • Direct links to modules, report views and user information
  • Display real-time charts and quality management reports in a single view
  • View all assignments and directly access data from the portal
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