EtQ Reliance Centralized Reporting

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Create robust, compelling reports for Quality, Safety and Compliance using EtQ's set of reporting, charting and analytics tools.

EtQ Reporting

In any Quality, Environmental Health and Safety (EHS), or Compliance Management System, the ability to view business intelligence and use it to make informed decisions is key to success. EtQ has developed several tools to help companies gather intelligence quickly and effectively, and provides the tools to aid in the decision-making process. With EtQ Reliance, all the information related to the Quality, EHS, or Compliance Management system is readily available and easy to report on.

Powerful analytical tools are available for easy reporting and charting of data. Standard reports are available "out-of-the-box" and users can create their own specific report formats. Reports can be created ad-hoc or scheduled for automatic distribution via e-mail at defined frequencies (e.g., weekly, monthly).

EtQ Centralized Reporting is server based (no software is required on client!) and includes the following:

  • Will support all 3rd party reporting tools
  • Ability to report on any field within any record
  • Report on multiple records
  • Report on single records
  • Report using parent-child relationships
  • Save reports in any format (RTF, PDF, Excel, etc)
  • Save charts as an attachment to the record
  • Save charts locally
  • Configure Report Views from the Web Browser using pre-defined columns and queries
  • Send users a link to the chart or report (view)
  • Trend analysis and distribution of statistical reports
  • Creation of chart types (Bar Charts, Stacked Bar Charts, Pie Charts, Trending, Scatter Plots, Radar, Pareto Charts, Column Charts, Stacked Column Charts, etc.)
  • Drill-down through unlimited levels, ultimately being given a filtered
  • View with actual data records based upon values clicked on in chart
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