Quality Management Solutions for the Automotive Industry

Companies in the automotive industry must adapt to changing customer demands and a global competitive market, but must also maintain a high level of safety and quality in their products. Increasing overall productivity and supplier quality, while maintaining a strong quality and safety system throughout the supply chain is a growing challenge for many automotive companies. Many companies are turning to Enterprise systems to help achieve this task.

How EtQ Helps Automotive Manufacturers

Compliance to such initiatives as ISO/TS 16949, ISO 9001, and ISO 14001 is a crucial step for automotive manufacturers. Maintaining this level of quality down the supply chain is a growing challenge facing the automotive industry, and EtQ can help achieve this goal. EtQ is not only able to integrate with external business systems, but can also push/pull data from suppliers to involve the supply chain in the overall process. This increased visibility has made efforts to maintain a level of quality throughout the business.

Featured Automotive Solutions

Quality Management

Using EtQ’s Quality Management System (QMS) Software, companies in the automotive space can reduce cycle time and improve efficiency.

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Automotive Industry Supply Chain Management

EtQ gives you traceability and visibility into the supply-chain, and ensures that you are benchmarking quality throughout the process.

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EHS Management

Businesses in the automotive industry leverage EtQ’s EHS solution to ensure incidents and events are tracked, job safety is managed, and environmental factors are reported.

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Risk Management

Improving quality involves mitigating risks in manufacturing, and EtQ’s comprehensive Risk Management and Risk Assessment tools provide quantitative and qualitative measures to make informed, risk-based decisions.

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Regulatory Compliance

Whether reporting to regulatory agencies, review boards or auditors, EtQ’s centralized quality and regulatory reporting features provide the necessary visibility for maintaining compliance.

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"Through their innovative implementation and configuration of EtQ Reliance™, Cooper Tire now has a globally harmonized process-based approach to auditing that has replaced their departmental approach, and has increased the effectiveness of their worldwide auditing program."

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Challenges Facing the Automotive Industry

Collaborative, Enterprise Environment

Large automotive industries with multiple divisions typically have independent, hybrid systems in place. Bridging the gap between these systems is inefficient in the long-term, and ultimately will require expensive customizations to link the enterprise. Re-routing documents, meeting to discuss integration strategy, and IT man-hours in customizations result in lost time and money. EtQ's Quality Management Software is designed to incorporate the whole enterprise in collaborating at the enterprise level, while maintaining each division's independent business workflow. The result is a unified Quality Management system that allows for each division to collaborate with the enterprise.

Unified Quality Process

Too often, business processes are disconnected, with complaint handling forms, SOPs and the like not connected to the next phase in the record's life cycle. EtQ's Quality Management Software allows the process to be linked automatically and intelligently. Complaint handling forms are assessed investigated, and opened as a Corrective Action if needed. SOPs are linked to the employee training database, and assignments are sent. Risk Assessment tools assess the risk of records throughout the process. This unified process for handling Quality Management issues results in an efficient system, where no time is lost and no problem overlooked.

Business System Integration

As more and more business systems are implemented in an automotive organization, the ability to communicate between these systems becomes difficult. As a result, crucial processes are disjointed and often rely on manual "jumping" between systems, which can lead to inefficiencies in the process. EtQ's Quality Management Software features a robust integration layer that allows for information to be passed to and from external systems, widening the scope of the quality process to include ERP, MRP, MES and other business systems.

Advanced Search and Reporting

Having a system store your documents and records is often not enough to ensure quality within a business. The ability to rapidly retrieve documents and generate reports on the state of the quality operations is a key need within the automotive industry. EtQ's Quality Management Software features advanced tools to search for documents, create custom views within the application, and generate template or ad-hoc reports.