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A growing global economy and an increase in air traffic has made the world much smaller. As a result, the aerospace industry has experienced significant growth in the past few decades. As demand for air travel increases, so does the need for aerospace manufacturers, engineering firms, contractors, suppliers and more.

How EtQ Helps

EtQ for Aviation is an integrated Aviation Safety Management System that has been pre-configured to specifically address the needs of the Aviation industry and maintain compliance to the standards set by regulatory bodies. EtQ's unique modular approach provides unparalleled flexibility and automation.

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Quality Management

EtQ's Quality Management System (QMS) Software is designed to integrate data across the enterprise to maintain regulatory compliance & mitigate risk.

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Supply Chain Management

Collaborate with the supply chain, improve compliance and keep your data secure in the process.

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EHS Management

EtQ's EHS Management System is a flexible software package that guides companies through compliance with similar standards for EHS Management.

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Risk Management

EtQ's quantitative Risk Management and Assessment technology provides a systematic and objective means of building risk into all processes.

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Regulatory Compliance

EtQ's GMP Compliance Software exceeds GMP standards, including ISO 13485, ISO 14971 and 21 CFR Part 11 compliance requirements.

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Integrated Air Safety Software System

EtQ's Aviation SMS Software is an integrated Safety Management software solution that has been pre-configured to specifically address the needs of the Aviation industry and its regulatory agencies including ICAO, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), and Transport Canada. EtQ's unique modular approach provides unparalleled flexibility and automation. The modules are tightly integrated to deliver a best-in-class Safety Management Software solution.

Connected to the Production Systems

EtQ Connectors close the gap between production systems and the quality system. Modules like Nonconformance Management software and Customer Complaint Management connect to ERP and CRM systems to fully automate the creation and assignment of events. Production systems can then be automatically updated throughout the event resolution process. For example, to trigger the release of a product based on the MRB disposition; or update the complaint status based on the Corrective and Preventive Action (CAPA) investigation results.

Advanced Filtering of Events

EtQ's unique Air Safety Software system is designed to minimize the number of corrective actions using an advanced filtering model:

EtQ’s Aviation Safety Management Software capabilities include:

Closed-Loop Corrective Action

EtQ's Aviation SMS software is pre-configured to initiate various post-CAPA processes, including electronic distribution of CAPA results, Change Management, and Employee Training

EtQ Job Safety Analysis

EtQ’s Job Safety Analysis (JSA) defines and controls the hazards associated with a certain job. The JSA ensures that the risk of each step of a task is reduced to its lowest level. Through this revision controlled module, the user will, for each JSA to be performed, record the Job Basic Information, Job Steps, Hazards, and Controls then create the needed Risk Assessments and train related people.

Change Management

EtQ's Change Management module is designed to manage all aspects of the Change Management process. EtQ's Change Management module integrates with other key modules such as Risk Assessment to analyze the impact of change, and Complaint Handling to identify adverse events, analyze change feedback and collect customer requirements for future changes.

Visibility into all Quality and Compliance Processes

EtQ integrates data from multiple business systems to ensure a high level of compliance and quality for your organization.