Quality Management Software

Integrated Quality Management System

EtQ's Quality Management (QMS) Software is an integrated compliance and quality system that has been pre-configured to specifically address the needs of the industry for ISO 9000 software. EtQ's unique modular approach provides unparalleled flexibility and automation. The modules are tightly integrated to deliver a best-in-class solution.

Connected to the Production Systems

EtQ Connectors close the gap between production systems and the quality system. Modules like Nonconformance Management software and Calibration connect to ERP and CRM systems to fully automate the creation and assignment of events for superior Supplier Quality Management. Production systems can then be automatically updated throughout the event resolution process. For example, to trigger the release of product based on the MRB disposition; or update the complaint status based on the investigation results.

Advanced Filtering of Events

EtQ is designed to minimize the number of corrective actions using an advanced filtering model:

  • Automatic segregation and categorization of events at the source
  • Automatic identification and display of related events
  • Built-in Risk Assessment Software module
  • Initial assessment to allow early closure<
  • Risk Assessment throughout the process to guide decision making
  • Full investigation with step-by-step root cause analysis
  • Automatic lookup and display of related investigations and corrective actions
  • Comprehensive CAPA action and effectiveness check plan with risk mitigation history

Closed-Loop Corrective Action

EtQ's Quality management solution is pre-configured to initiate various post-corrective action processes, including electronic distribution of CAPA results, Change Management, and Employee Training.

Advanced QMS Software Methodology

In industries today, Quality Management System have evolved to encompass a broaden scope of Quality and Compliance Management. As a result Quality and EHS Management and Compliance Solutions are becoming a large part of a company's overall Quality and Compliance strategy. EtQ is the total solution to enhance Quality and Compliance with the identification, mitigation, and prevention of high-risk compliance events through integration, automation, and collaboration. Using best in class integrated modules and enterprise application integration, EtQ’s QMS solution helps manage and measure Quality and Compliance processes, and executes organizational change through a flexible workflow platform that adapts to changing business processes, without programming.

EtQ's solution, Reliance, is an enterprise suite of integrated modules designed to foster operational excellence in businesses. With modules and utilities such as Risk Management, CAPA, Document Control, Employee Training, Supplier Rating, Customer Complaint Management, FMEA, Audit Management, and many more, EtQ has the QMS solution to meet your company’s unique business needs.

Implementing different applications for Quality and Compliance Management is costly, time-consuming and confusing to users. With all its functionality built around a common platform, EtQ has developed a QMS that unifies both quality and compliance processes.

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