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This database is a repository for archived documents from the other databases.

Aspects, Objectives & Targets

Create, maintain, track and monitor documents for all environmental aspects and objectives of your organization's activities, products, and services. Set targets and track specific information about the environmental impact.
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Audit Management Software

This database automates the process of auditing and automates the process of surveys, including internal audits and customer satisfaction surveys. All features of each audit type or survey type can be configured without programming. Some key user-definable features include: checklists, question library, evaluation method (numerical scoring or counting) and more. The system can even generate random audits and assign personnel based on availability.
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Behavior-Based Safety

This process allows for fully customizable observation and record capabilities with the goal of proactively improving safety performance and culture in the workplace.
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Calibration Management Software

Schedule and record the results of all your calibration activities and costs. Each piece of equipment can be scheduled independently and easy-to-read reports and automatic notifications indicate when equipment is due for calibration. R&R studies can also be done quickly and uniformly. Maintenance is an intuitive, easy and effective way of recording and tracking equipment that requires preventive and reactive maintenance. Complete with work orders, this module is easy and powerful, minimizing operator input during normal and repair operations.
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Centralized Reporting Tool

Consists of tools to help you gather and report on data from other applications. With the charter tool you can take data from any application and present it in graphical format to your staff. These charts can be automated to run periodically and be linked to portals for real-time dashboard feedback. Quality Alerts is a special kind of exception report that automatically notifies specific individuals of recurring events that you define.
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Change Management Software

EtQ's Change Management Software module is designed to manage all aspects of the Change Management process. Using the Change Management module, you can provide a change summary that describes the change to be implemented, identify the affected documents, planned projects, and action plans.
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Compliance Obligations

The Compliance Obligations database ensures that the organization identifies, accesses, and evaluates laws, regulations, and internal organizational requirements that apply to the environmental aspects of its activities, products, and services. Identifying these regulations helps to evaluate their potential impacts on the company and its products, activities and services.
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Complaint Handling Software

EtQ's Complaint Handling Software manages the investigation and resolution of customer complaints in compliance with FDA guidelines. It records all complaints reported by customers and/or consumers to investigate the problems, keeps records of these complaints including information about the customers and the products. This database also provides an electronic MedWatch form, with electronic submissions to the FDA (eMDR).
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Corrective and Preventive Action (CAPA) Software

Generate a Corrective and Preventive Action (CAPA) request that routes through review, root cause, corrective action taken, and verification stages. Multiple reports are generated automatically providing an effective mechanism for tracking the source and costs of problems.
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Customer Complaint Management Software

EtQ's Customer Complaint Management Software is designed to facilitate you in creating profiles for each separate customer. Within the module, you are able to store customer information such as the name, contact information, order numbers, and other internal contacts of that specified customer.
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Delegation & Escalation

Delegation is designed and developed to automate the process of delegating assignments. Delegation of assignments is typically used when users are out of the office and would like to have their assignments automatically routed to their delegates.

The Escalation database is designed to monitor date fields (i.e., due dates or review dates, etc.) that you define within every database. It automatically notifies personnel when assignments are due and overdue.


This database is designed to manage the Deviation process. You will be able to identify deviations, develop a deviation plan with target completion dates, approve proposed deviations, and verify the completion of deviations that are in process.
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Document Control Software

Document Control Software manages the creation, approval, distribution and archiving of all controlled documents. It is ready-to-use for such document types as manuals, procedures, work instructions, forms, job descriptions, product specifications, inspection specifications, test methods, and much more. Additional document types and templates for each document type can be added without programming. You can even use your current documents that are in any MS Office application (i.e., MS Word). Comes complete with an Archive Database.
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Emergency Preparedness Plans

Record personnel, equipment and external organizations associated with emergency procedures. Allows organizations to set reviews and perform drills on these procedures.
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Emissions Inventory

Calculate and track the amount of air pollutants discharged into the atmosphere for a given time period. Generate reports about the amount of air pollutants emitted to the atmosphere.
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Employee Training Software

Manage the identification, responsibilities, authorities, training and certification requirements for each employee in an easy-to-use environment. This database provides a simple way to schedule and record training.
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Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)

ERM defines risk in various operational areas to come up with a standardized method for solving these high-risk events. In doing so, the organization will be on common ground from an enterprise perspective and will also have visibility into risks associated with all operational areas.
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Equation Engine

Store and utilize frequently used equations in Equation Profiles. Parameter and equation profiles can be created and tested prior to use for key EHSS and Quality processes such as Air Emissions, Water Management and Industrial Hygiene.
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Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA)

From the FMEA module, set up FMEA worksheets with various types of control plans and control plan templates for any type of initiative, and conduct system risk analyses in association with the FMEA worksheet, complete with a Hazard Analysis that records the specific hazards of the product, and their adverse effects.
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Hazard Analysis & Critical Control (HACCP)

The HACCP module enables organizations to develop, manage and track HACCP plans, link HACCP plans to prerequisite programs (PRP), conduct regular audits of the HACCP plan, create hazard analyses using quantitative Risk Assessment and more.
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Incidents, Accidents and Safety Reporting

As part of the process of continual improvement, it is important that all incidents are recorded, investigated, and actions are taken to prevent or reduce the chance of recurrence. This database allows you to set up records of all incidents and to collect the required information to conduct investigations, including a risk analysis.
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Industrial Hygiene

Perform qualitative assessments utilizing Similar Exposure Group (SEG) methodologies to allow for the categorization of hazard types, job roles, processes, locations, demographics and more. Through quantitative methods, create sampling plans, track monitoring results (area and personal monitoring), perform calculations (TWA, etc.) and compare to threshold limits and targets as part of compliance determination needs.
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Job Safety Analysis

EtQ's Job Safety Analysis (JSA) module breaks down a job position into various steps in order to analyze each step for potential safety hazards, identify each step's associated hazards, analyze the risk of the hazard occurring, and determine preventive measures such as Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to be used, and counter measures that should be put in place. EtQ's Risk Assessment tools provide the core technology necessary to determine the risk of a hazard occurring as well as measure the residual risk of identified hazards.
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Meeting Management

Use this database to plan meetings, schedule meetings, distribute the agenda, record minutes, assign action items and corrective action requests.
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Monitoring & Inspection

The Monitoring and Inspection application is used to test and record measurements of the emission of the materials in order to ensure that the company complies with regulations. Monitoring & Inspection Results must be collected, then documented in Test Plans. Then it is easier to compare them with legal and/or internal requirements, to verify compliance. The results of monitoring are reviewed to assess performance.

The EtQ Monitoring and Inspection application is a workflow-enabled database designed to allow you to set up test plans in order to test and record the results of the monitoring process and, in turn, to notify users of problems associated with exceeding limits.

Nonconforming Materials

With Nonconforming Materials Software, you will be able to manage all steps in the nonconformance process. Users can generate corrective actions and other workflows that link right to the original nonconformance.
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Permit Control

Permit control is a workflow enabled module for the storage of an organization’s active and operating permits. This module controls the review and approval process of the documentation necessary for obtaining new permits and the renewal of expiring ones.
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Product Specification Management

EtQ's Product Specification Management module improves the management of product development through its components, subcomponents, and costs. Product Specification Management is part of managing the product lifecycle and helps track and control all data that is related to a particular product.
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Production Part Approval Process (PPAP)

As an important part of the product development process, the PPAP module allows producers to evaluate the components and sub-systems that they receive from suppliers, and therefore establish confidence in the suppliers' management systems. PPAP is used to ensure that suppliers comply with the design specifications of the customer.

Project Control

EtQ's Project Control module is designed to organize and automate the process of managing tasks, deliverables and activities within Quality, EHS, and Compliance projects. Using the Project Control module, managers are able to outline specific project, whether on an ad-hoc basis or using pre-defined templates such as APQP, PPAP, Six Sigma and more.
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Quality Records

Quality Records are the documented evidences that processes are executed according to the quality systems plan and requirements. This includes, but not limited to, inspection results, audit results, calibration data, data sheets, etc. This Web-enabled application can be used to handle quality records as it helps to maintain procedures for the identification, collection, indexing, filing, storage, maintenance and disposition of quality records.
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Receiving & Inspections

The Receiving and Inspection Application consists of different forms used for different purposes and methods of inspecting materials. Moreover, a Receiving Record form is available to assist in recording all information about the materials received and to perform inspections. Sampling Plans and Skip Lot Profiles are available to provide good organizing and planning of inspecting material in sample quantities and define how many lots may be skipped when inspecting.
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Return Material Authorization

Return Material Authorization design and track all returns that happen within your company. This database allows you to identify and track different types of returns, the reason for the return, the material that needs to be returned, and quantities to be returned. Users can generate nonconformances and other workflows that link right to the original return.
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Risk Assessment Software

From the EtQ Risk Assessment Software module, users can create risk assessment templates, with tables and charts to identify severity, frequency, or other risk-based criteria. These templates can be used for an independent risk assessment event, and can be linked to modules within the EtQ Quality, Environmental Health and Safety (EHS), and Compliance Management Software system.
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Safety Data Sheet (SDS)

Safety Data Sheet (SDS) Software is designed to provide both workers and emergency personnel with the proper procedures for handling or working with particular substances. SDS documents include information such as physical data, toxicity, health effects, first aid, reactivity, storage disposal, protective equipment, and spill/leak procedures.
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Supplier Rating

EtQ's Supplier Rating module sets up scorecards that contain both qualitative and quantitative elements each with its own percentage weight. Automatically updates critical supplier metrics.
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Supplier Rating

EtQ's Supplier Quality Management Software is designed to set up scorecards that contain both qualitative and quantitative elements each with its own percentage weight. Supplier Quality Management Software is able to automatically update critical supplier metrics, including parts per million (PPM), on-time delivery, number of Corrective and Preventive Actions (CAPA), and correct quantity.
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Sustainability Management will help an organization to more effectively track, measure, and report on their sustainability initiatives, and ultimately enable an organization to function with the least impact possible on the environment.
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Water Management

Track sampling activities, conduct compliance determinations, produce region-specific discharge monitoring reports (DMRs) and have oversight of water balance activities for sustainable operations.
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