Project Control

Project Control

Ensure that all tasks are completed on time and within budget with EtQ’s Project Control solution. Automate tasks, deliverables and activities within your quality and compliance projects.


As part of any Quality, Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) or Compliance initiative, the ability to complete projects on time and within budget is of key importance to managers. EtQ's Project Control module is designed to organize and automate the process of managing tasks, deliverables and activities within Quality and Compliance projects. Using the Project Control module, managers are able to outline specific project, whether on an ad-hoc basis or using pre-defined templates such as APQP, PPAP, Six Sigma and more. Using workflow and business rules, the EtQ Project Control module aids managers in ensuring that the project is kept on track, and the full cost and impact of the project is recorded.

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Project Control features:

  • Load a project from pre-defined Project templates
  • Project form: Type (workflow) Subject, Description, Project Roles, Assigned (default to owner), Start Date (optional), End Date (optional), Completed Date, Status (computed to G if all child tasks are G, Y if at least one is Y, and R if at least one is R) - shows icon (Red, Green or Yellow)
  • In the Project document, display outlines and tasks. Provides links to open each task (Outlines are read only) to provide edits, updates and workflow functionality
  • Define project roles, start date OR end date and save
  • Create outline and task documents from templates
  • Calculate task start and end date and project start OR end date based on duration of task templates
  • Start dates are affected by changes to predecessor end dates
  • End dates are affected by changes to start dates
  • Assign tasks based on project roles (second phase, with email notification)
  • Allow reassign on tasks only (not on project or outline)
  • Skip weekends and holidays, skip special dates (to control due date calculation)
  • Outline form: Name, Assigned (always project assigned), Start Date (computed to start date of first child task), End Date (computed to end date of last child Task), Status (computed to G if all child Tasks are G, Y if at least one Y, and R if at least one is R)
  • Outlines are associated with a project and represent a group of tasks
  • Task form: ID, Task Name, Duration, Start, Finish (date), Predecessors, Assigned, Attachments, Completed Date, % Completed, Hours, Cost, Status, Links
  • Tasks are associated with an outline
  • Record form: Type (e.g., Phone Call, Note, Email), Contact information; optional Assigned To, Due Date, Time (escalation), optional Send To, CC, BCC + e-mail options; Subject, Description

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Setup Project Templates

  • Define templates for any type of project and task (e.g., APQP, PPAP, Six Sigma and more)
  • Templates can be workflow -enabled to allow review and approval
  • Group related project tasks into outlines
  • Pre-define task due dates, durations, and dependancies (i.e. "predecessors")
  • Tasks can be assigned to named users or to roles (e.g. Quality Engineer) for assignment after the project is loaded
  • Define a project role list to assign tasks after the project is loaded
  • Ability to integrate with 3rd party systems to lookup relat-ed project information after the project is loaded (e.g. customers, suppliers, prod-ucts, equipment, etc)

Load Project

  • Configurable workflow automates review & approval process
  • Intuitive workflow display shows document status
  • Assign documents to individuals, groups or roles
  • Multiple routing options: Parallel, Sequential, Voting
  • Conditional routing options
  • Automatically send reminder notifications
  • Escalation Management

Assign Tasks

  • Assign roles to named users on task by task basis or for the entire project
  • Assigned users will receive e-mail notifications with links to assigned tasks
  • Ability to reassign tasks if needed
  • Automatically skip weekends and holidays as defined by your company
  • Automatically update task predecessors when due dates are changed

Record & Track

  • Tasks are automatically color coded “Red, Yellow, Green” based on the due date
  • Update tasks with various data formats including attach-ments and pictures
  • Fully integrated with EtQ’s Escalation utility to notify assignees, project managers and executive management of delayed tasks
  • Fully integrated with EtQ’s CAPA module for issuance and tracking of corrective actions
  • Update each task with the actual Cost and Effort need-ed to be accomplished.
  • Tasks are workflow enabled

Train Users

  • Fully integrated with EtQ’s Training module to assign and track training on com-pleted project tasks
  • Ability to convert tasks into “training requirements”
  • Track and report on training status
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