Take Compliance to the Cloud.

Deploy EtQ Reliance in the cloud with our hosted and subscription options.

Cloud-based Compliance Solutions

In today's growing and dynamic environment, organizations are looking to deploy an agile and robust quality and compliance solution without the costs and resource requirements associated with traditional on-premise implementations. Recognizing this need, EtQ SaaS is able to provide companies with an alternative, secure and user-friendly Quality, Environmental Health & Safety and Compliance SaaS solution that is deployed over the Web and accessed by your users in real-time, for a low subscription fee.

EtQ Reliance Subscription Services - EtQ OnDemand

EtQ's Subscription (SaaS) based solution can not only free up valuable resources but can also reduce the costs typically associated with maintaining an enterprise system. Many organizations want the same flexibility and scalability of an internally managed solution, but want to reduce costs and focus their attention on their business, not the software. EtQ's subscription-based OnDemand SaaS service enables organizations to do just that—for a low subscription fee, you can implement EtQ's enterprise solution and maximize your productivity, while minimizing your IT costs. Furthermore, EtQ's subscription services help to maximize cash flow within your organization—there are no up-front software fees—you pay as you go.

This option is best suited for: Organizations who wish to maximize their cash flow, reduce risks, reduce time to implement, minimize their IT resources, and focus on their business, not software.

For more information, please contact info@etq.com

Benefits of EtQ OnDemand SaaS

  • Optimize IT Resources: Enterprise Solutions often require a dedicated IT staff to maintain and administer the system. With EtQ OnDemand SaaS all IT operations are maintained and administered by EtQ so you don't have to, allowing your company to concentrate on more important objectives.
  • Focus More on the Business and Less on the Software: EtQ administers the system, allowing you to focus on compliance and continuous improvement to achieve a world class Quality and EHS Management System.
  • Cost-Effective Alternative: EtQ OnDemand SaaS reduces IT overhead and the expensive costs associated with maintaining a collaborative, server-based quality management system.
  • Security: EtQ recognizes that your data is critical to your business, and need to keep this data secure to maintain a competitive advantage. EtQ Reliance OnDemand SaaS features leading edge security and operates in a dedicated environment that is only accessed by your personnel. EtQ OnDemand SaaS is accessed through managed firewalls, and uses Secure Socket Layers (SSL) and HTTPS protocols. Our providers are SOC 1 Type II certified and feature multiple redundancies and daily backups. EtQ administrators continually monitor the security of the system and keep current on industry best practices, updating security as needed.
  • Performance: EtQ OnDemand SaaS is built on a robust platform technology that maximizes performance within the Web Browser, and sits on a scalable infrastructure that increases bandwidth and memory based on your individual environment.
  • No "watered-down" Versions: Other companies typically offer a "lite" version of their software, in a shared hosted environment. With EtQ OnDemand SaaS, the system you access is the same robust, powerful Enterprise System used by the largest companies in the world.
  • World Wide Access: Extend your workplace using EtQ OnDemand SaaS - easy access to your system from anywhere in the world, simply by using your Web browser!
  • Scalable: EtQ OnDemand SaaS operates in a completely scalable environment, enabling the system to expand as much as you need it to. Unlikely traditional Enterprise deployments, there is not concern for hardware limitations or bandwidth requirements—the system is able to increase memory and bandwidth as needed to maximize your performance.

How it Works

EtQ OnDemand SaaS

Secure Web Access

With EtQ OnDemand SaaS, your users have direct access to their quality system through use of a Web Browser:

  • SSL/HTTPS encrypted Internet connection
  • Configurable password complexity, expiration date and no re-use of old password

Robust Platform Technology

EtQ OnDemand SaaS sits on the most advanced technology infrastructure in the industry, providing the speed and security needed for your solution:

  • SOC 1 Type II certified providers
  • Scalable: Unlimited memory and bandwidth available

Expert Administration and Monitoring

EtQ OnDemand SaaS is monitored around the clock to provide your environment with latest security and threat prevention measures:

  • 24x7 Administration and Monitoring
  • Administration includes backups, threat prevention, upgrades and system and solution maintenance
  • Dedicated team assigned to your environment
  • Technical Support teams available to assist you with any requests

For more information, please contact info@etq.com

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