Nonconformance Management Software

Non Conformance Management Process

EtQ’s Nonconforming Materials software manages all steps of the nonconformance process and ensures that any out of specification conditions are visible to you.

Non Conformance Management Software

With nonconformance management software, you will be able to manage all steps in the nonconformance process. Users can generate corrective actions and other workflows that link right to the original nonconformance.

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Non Conformance Management Process

The non conformance management process, also known as NonConforming Material Reporting (NCMR), is designed to not only manage any nonconformities within production, but also manage the review and disposition of any materials that do not conform to normal specifications. Any time there is a group of products that does not conform to the specification, companies need to take action.

EtQ's Reliance nonconforming materials module helps companies record nonconforming materials, and links these nonconformances to actions. In many cases, companies will often generate a deviation which will allow for a pre-determined deviation from the specification. Depending on the nature of the nonconformance, there may be a need to generate a corrective action to investigate the issue. The nonconformance management process is designed to integrate with the corrective action process, inheriting critical information related to the nonconformance, and take action to discover the disposition. For companies that require regulatory oversight, having a well-defined non-conformance management process is a critical component to maintaining compliance. With the level of visibility EtQ Reliance provides within the platform, users are able to not only build a history of nonconformities, but also demonstrate compliance to regulatory standards in effectively taking corrective action on critical nonconformances, or issuing acceptable planned deviations on the specification.

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Nonconformance Software Process & Initiation

  • Multiple types set up out-of-the-box (e.g. Incoming material and finished goods)
  • Record all relevant product information
  • Integrate with ERP to automatically create NCMs
  • Product status in MRP can be automatically updated based on NCM status (e.g. hold, release)
  • Multiple nonconformances can be included in a single record
  • Nonconformance automatic workflow routing based on data entered/source of nonconformance
  • Related nonconformances are automatically looked up and displayed
  • Quality alerts can be set up to automatically monitor repeated nonconformances

Nonconformance Software Management

  • Lookup product, customer and vendor information
  • Easily configurable workflow to automate review and approval process
  • Graphical workflow presentation
  • Intuitive workflow display to show document status
  • Assign documents to individuals, groups or roles
  • Multiple routing options: Parallel, Sequential, Voting
  • Conditional routing options to accommodate complex business processes
  • Automatically send reminder notifications to assigned users and escalate to their managers

Nonconformance Software Disposition

  • MRB is automatically notified
  • Perform disposition and assign activities
  • Perform multiple dispositions on same Nonconformance (e.g. scrap for x-qty and rework for y-qty)

Nonconformance Software Initial Assessment

  • Ability to close appropriate events at this stage
  • Record initial assessment results
  • Two, three or four dimensional risk assessment tables available out of the box
  • Risk assessment tables are easily configured based on your own keywords
  • Automatic risk calculations and result displays based on your keywords
  • Automated guidelines/instructions based on calculated risk level
  • Risk mitigation history

Nonconformance Software Investigation

  • For confirmed adverse events initiate full investigation
  • Nonconformance data will be automatically inherited into investigation
  • Dual link between Nonconformance and investigation
  • Automatically launch investigation action plan activities and assignments
  • Automatically lookup and display related investigations
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