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EtQ's Centralized Reporting Provides Unmatched Visibility into the Quality System

FARMINGDALE, NY (07-25-07): EtQ announces the release of new features to the EtQ Centralized Reporting tool, including drill-down reporting, quality alerts, drag and drop reporting and more.

Part of the EtQ Reliance 5.0 release, EtQ's enhanced Centralized Reporting tool takes reporting and business intelligence to the next level with several key features. EtQ has incorporated charting into the EtQ portal quality management dashboard, providing graphical visibility of reports within the quality system. Users are able to specify the type of report they want to display, and chart types, all within the singular user-specific view that the EtQ portal provides.

Using EtQ Centralized Reporting, users can create report templates on specific criteria within EtQ's integrated modules, and schedule these templates to run on a scheduled or ad-hoc basis. These templates allow reports to be generated in seconds, and provide visibility on data across multiple data points.

Each report within EtQ's Centralized Reporting tool has the enhanced capability to drill down on any data point for further analysis. By simply click on the columns, bars, or data point, the report will "drill-down" and display the specific data analysis for any data filtered within the report. This drill-down functionality has the ability to filter down as many levels, up to the individual records that make up the report. "Having the ability to drill-down on data has been a tremendous benefit to our users," says Morgan Palmer, Chief Technology Officer at EtQ. "Not only are users able to create reports quickly using templates, they can now present data from top-level to the record-level, all within a few clicks. Information like this is perfect for analyzing and presenting data to management, to uncover crucial business intelligence across the enterprise." Morgan further adds that this type of functionality is not available in other 3rd party tools often bundled with competitive solutions, and is unique to EtQ.

EtQ has taken a step further with reporting in the enhancements made to quality alert reporting within the EtQ Centralized Reporting tool. Quality alerts is a type of report that allows users to monitor and track events in the quality system that have similar characteristics, and be notified when such characteristics occur. Once criteria are entered (i.e., number of Nonconformances with Supplier XYZ, Open CAPAs related to product ABC), the user is notified when these criteria are met. Using quality alerts, users no longer need to search the system for any quality-related issues - these issues are tracked and brought to the user's attention, automatically.

Building reports within EtQ has been enhanced using the EtQ Designer ReportBuilder. Administrators are able to create custom report views by simply dragging and dropping columns into the report area, enabling users to view data in any number of ways per module. Report views in EtQ are dynamic, and can be sorted, filtered and even exported to Microsoft Excel for further analysis.

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