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EtQ Announces the Release of EtQ Reliance version 6.0

FARMINGDALE, NY (03-17-08): EtQ is pleased to announce the release of EtQ Reliance 6.0. EtQ Reliance is a web based enterprise system for quality and compliance management, designed to identify, mitigate and prevent high-risk events through automation, integration and collaboration. EtQ Reliance 6.0 is built on EtQ's unique Flexible Workflow Engine, which allows the workflows, forms, sections, fields, reports, and even the look and feel to be configured without programming. Version 6.0 incorporates major enhancements designed to further automate Quality and Compliance Management Systems.

Below is a short list of the many features available:

EtQ Data Center: The EtQ Data Center is a tool that enables a centralized resource for managing multiple facilities. EtQ Data Center enables EtQ Administrators to distribute administrative ownership based on location, allowing for configuration of each location in a centralized application. Reporting and business intelligence has been made easier using the Data Center, allowing companies to roll-up company-wide data into quantitative reports that show top compliance risks across each site within the enterprise. Using data center, companies can solve enterprise challenges in a singular location, fostering continuous improvement, enterprise collaboration and organizational change within the business.

Project Control Module: EtQ's project control module is designed to organize and automate the process of managing tasks, deliverables and activities within Quality and Compliance projects. Using the Project Control module, Managers are able to outline specific project, whether on an ad-hoc basis or using pre-defined templates such as APQP, PPAP, Six Sigma and more. From the outline, the manager is able to assign tasks and set up roles within the company to ensure that the right person completes activities within the project timeline, at the right time.

Enhanced Risk Assessment Tool: EtQ's Risk Assessment Tool calculates risk using a variety of techniques, updates risk at multiple points in the process, and displays risk mitigation history by event. Using EtQ Risk Assessment, users are able to identify risk scores and related actions, view risk charts, build risk histories, and use configurable views to determine top risks in the Quality System.

eValidator: For companies regulated by the FDA, validation of computer systems can be a major challenge. The EtQ eValidator is a comprehensive set of commands that, when executed, will run validation test scripts automatically, and generate a full report of the results. Using eValidator to automate the validation process will cut a company's validation time by as much as 400% - a 4-day validation project can be done in less than one day.

Other Enhancements and Features:
EtQ Reliance 6.0 has been enhanced to offer more features, including:

  • Integration with the FDA's new eMDR portal
  • Automatic conversion of file attachments to PDF format, and automatic print to PDF capabilities
  • Upload and download multiple file attachments at once
  • Integration between Document Control and Training, including online quizzes and training reports
  • Enhanced Environmental Health & Safety modules
  • Connectors for SAP: EtQ integrates with SAP to accelerate the transfer of quality data to and from SAP, eliminating gaps in the quality system

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