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EtQ Reliance 11 Enhances the Exchange Feature

FARMINGDALE, NY (04-22-14): EtQ is pleased to announce that its latest release, Reliance 11, includes updates to the EtQ Exchange.

The EtQ Exchange is a feature available from within Reliance that now permits the uploading and downloading of Audit checklists between customers. Capabilities include:

  • The ability for a customer to upload a checklist they wish to share
  • The ability to search checklists shared by others by industry
  • Parameters to help users find what checklists they need
  • PDF rendering for previewing a checklist before downloading
  • Ability to download selected checklists directly into Reliance
  • Controlled access into who can access the Exchange

Access to the EtQ Exchange requires log in credentials, which will enable users to browse all checklists. Users will be able to use search parameters to narrow down their checklists to find precisely what they are looking for. Once a user finds the document they need, they can then download that document directly into their Reliance system and modify it for their own use.

“EtQ is looking to foster collaboration among EtQ customers with the enhancements made to the Exchange,” stated Morgan Palmer, chief technology officer of EtQ. “With these new capabilities, customers can share their audit checklists in the Exchange for use by others and can also receive feedback on their document, giving them insight into what others in their industry are doing.”

Sharing for additional document types will be available in the future. For more information on other enhancements made to the latest release, contact EtQ at or 800.354.4476. Visit us on the Web at

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