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EtQ Announces Enhancements to EHS Offering in Reliance 11

FARMINGDALE, NY (05-13-14): EtQ is pleased to announce that its latest release, Reliance 11, includes new enhancements to its EHS offering.

EtQ has added a Permit Control application that stores an organization’s active construction and operating permits. This application streamlines the review and approval process of the documents that are necessary for obtaining new permits and for renewing expired permits. It enables an organization to identify responsible personnel and relevant dates to ensure that permits are readily available and up to date.

The Sustainability application has also been enhanced to cover two main reporting standards, the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP). Sustainability guides you through each step of the process of preparing sustainability reports—from defining and collecting the appropriate data, to consolidating and summarizing that data to result in a holistic report.

Reliance 11 also includes enhancements to existing EHS applications:

  • Supplier, Materials and Chemicals: This application has been updated to track unique qualities of chemical substances and to provide level 1 reporting on all findings.
  • Safety Data Sheet (SDS): This application has been modified to allow customers to create and format their SDS documents in a global standard.

“The enhancements and additions made to the EHS suite are part of EtQ’s goal of constant innovation,” stated Morgan Palmer, chief technology officer of EtQ. “The release of Reliance 11 reinforces this through new functionality available in EtQ’s EHS offering. These enhancements are a testament to EtQ’s commitment to providing flexible solutions for the customer while increasing overall convenience and functionality.”

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