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EtQ Teams up with Quality Digest to Present Risk Webinar

FARMINGDALE, NY (10-16-13): EtQ, a leading provider of Quality Management, EHS, and Compliance Management Software, today announced it will be presenting a live webinar hosted by Quality Digest, “Why Risk Management is Important in Quality and Compliance Management Systems.”

This webinar will be held on October 22nd at 2:00pm ET and will be led by EtQ’s Tim Lozier. It will demonstrate how Risk Management is becoming a benchmark for compliance, and will review some of the key risk tools and the processes in which they are best suited.

Topics will include:

  • How to measure compliance in the complexity of business today
  • The importance of Risk reporting
  • Key Risk tools being used in common compliance processes
  • Case studies on how Risk is being implemented in business

“Risk is often seen as an elusive concept,” stated Lozier. “This webinar will uncover the mystery surrounding Risk and will provide insight into implementing Risk Management within your organization. We will explore the strategy behind risk in compliance, look into the most common Risk methods used today, and show you how to apply Risk to promote a higher level of quality and compliance.”

Register for this webinar here. For more information on Risk Management or other Quality, EHS, or Compliance Management processes, visit us at

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