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EtQ to Present Risk Webinar Hosted by Pharmaceutical Technology

FARMINGDALE, NY (11-04-13): EtQ, a leading provider of Quality Management, EHS, and Compliance Management Software, today announced it will be presenting a live webinar hosted by Pharmaceutical Technology, “Implementing Risk Management for Regulatory Compliance.”

This webinar will be held on November 5th at 1:00pm EST and will be led by Morgan Palmer, chief technology officer of EtQ, and Marsha Stabler Hardiman, senior consultant of ConcordiaValSource. It will explore the strategy behind risk in compliance, define the terms associated with risk management, and demonstrate how businesses are incorporating risk to promote a proactive approach to continuous improvement.

Topics will include:

  • The growing industry trends in risk management
  • Best practices in defining risk factors for an organization
  • Why risk management is an integral part of the compliance process

“In the pharmaceutical industry, risk is becoming the new benchmark for quality and compliance,” stated Palmer.

“This webinar we will provide some insight into how you can implement a risk management program effective for your organization. We will discuss the paths for success when implementing this risk-based strategy and will discuss the importance of common risk tools and the role they play in helping to increase compliance within businesses today.”

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