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EtQ Releases Enhanced Print to PDF Features into its Quality Management System

FARMINGDALE, NY (19-17-07): EtQ has released enhanced features allowing users to convert reports, forms, histories and file attachments to Adobe PDF format within their Quality, FDA Compliance and Environmental Health & Safety Software systems. In many companies, the need to use the Portable Document Format (PDF) is essential to maintaining the quality system. PDF files are generally smaller in size to other files, and their ready-only format makes it more efficient when releasing controlled documents. Recognizing this need, EtQ developed technology to covert files within the EtQ software system to PDF, not only at the file level, but at many other levels as well.

  • Print PDF View: This feature enables users to convert report views into PDF. Users are able to generate a PDF of all records within the quality management view, displaying quality-related reports in a consistent method. All records are printed in multiple pages, and if views are filtered using EtQ's advanced filtering tools, only the records that are displayed will be converted to PDF
  • Print PDF Forms: In many cases, forms within the EtQ system need to be printed, whether to submit to external users or for reporting purposes. By converting EtQ forms to PDF, the forms are automatically put in read-only mode, restricting editing while providing the quality data to individuals who need it most.
  • Print PDF History: Throughout EtQ's workflow-based system, various documents are linked, and many activities can be launched. For example, a CAPA may have investigation phases, activities linked to it, audit findings, complaint handling requests, and procedures in document control that at affected by the process. The Print PDF history feature enables all phases in the workflow, as well as linked activities, documents, records and events, to be converted into one PDF document. The benefit is that if an audit is conducted on the quality system, the auditor will be able to see the entire history of a quality-related event, in one comprehensive PDF record.
  • Print PDF Attachments: This feature enables users to automatically convert attachments to PDF, and attach them to the form. Using this feature, users are able to show/hide attachments, and display only the PDF. For example, if a record within Document Control is approved, then the administrator can hide the original document, and display only the PDF to end users. This prevents any user from downloading an editable document, and if a change request is made, the original document will then be shown within the change request workflow process.

EtQ's print to PDF feature is just one of the many robust features available in EtQ's Quality Management System, designed to help identify, mitigate and prevent high-risk events through automation, integration and collaboration. EtQ strives to develop technology, and integrated modules designed to foster and maintain compliance, and execute organizational change throughout the enterprise.

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