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EtQ's Integrated Modules Extend Quality Outside a Company's Four Walls

FARMINGDALE, NY (08-28-07): Using EtQ's integrated modules and web-based platform, companies are able to enable "Value-Added Partners" (customers, suppliers, vendors, partners, etc.) to fill out quality-related events that link directly into the EtQ Quality Management System.

Effectively handling complaints, material returns, and other quality events can prove a challenge for many companies. In many cases there is disconnect between an incoming event, and the necessary workflows associated with handling the event within the quality system. This can result in double entry of data, whereby critical information is susceptible to error, and company's Value-Added Partners are unable to track, manage and participate in key quality processes.

EtQ's integrated set of modules enables these partners to record and track quality events, whether material returns, incidents, complaints and more. This is accomplished using EtQ's web-based platform and integrated Quality Management System. For example, incoming complaints can be logged into the quality system directly from the supplier via the web, triggering notifications to the quality department via email. This information can then be investigated, risk assessment can be analyzed, and the appropriate actions can be taken to correct the problem. Throughout the process, the complaint information and status is visible to the supplier, allowing them to not only participate in the quality process, but also track the status of their complaint. Enhanced security features ensure that the supplier sees only the information that pertains to their complaint, and nothing more.

"We are seeing a growing trend of companies who are utilizing EtQ's integrated modules to take quality related events, and extend the process to outside of their four walls," says Glenn McCarty, Chief Executive Officer of EtQ. "Before EtQ, quality events had to be logged directly from within the company. With EtQ's web-based platform and enhanced security, companies are starting to allow the "Value-Added Partners" - suppliers, customers, vendors, and more - to enter the information directly within the EtQ system." Glenn goes on to say that this provides a seamless way of communicating key data with external resources to the quality system, and allows for enhanced visibility, both on the company's side, and for these Value-Added Partners.

This type of collaboration can be seen in many of EtQ's modules. Whether tracking material returns, incidents, or any other quality events, information that is required from external resources can be entered directly by that resource. Furthermore, this collaboration can occur as many levels within the system. "If a corrective action is required based on an event, the company can assign actions within the workflow to the Value-Added Partner, such as root cause, and have that partner fill out sections within the form, enabling them to participate in the corrective action process." Glenn continues to say, "as with all of EtQ's forms, security protocols prohibit these partners from seeing any data other than their 'piece of the puzzle' - they are limited to their section of the quality process."

EtQ continues to develop technologies that not only foster quality and compliance within and organization, but also foster enhanced collaboration and integration within the supply chain, broadening the concept of quality management outside the four walls of the enterprise.

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