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MICO, Inc. Selects EtQ Reliance Quality Management System

FARMINGDALE, NY (09-08-08): EtQ is pleased to announce the implementation of EtQ Reliance Quality Management System (QMS) at MICO, Inc., designers and manufacturers of hydraulic components, brakes systems, and controls for the off-road markets.

MICO recognized the need for a flexible, fully automated QMS, and chose to implement EtQ Reliance. Of particular interest to MICO were EtQ's robust set of modules, such as Nonconforming Material Returns (NCMR) and Corrective and Preventive Action (CAPA), which allow them to catch nonconforming material data and take corrective action to reduce the risk of defects, as well as the Audits module, which allows them to conduct internal audits and customer satisfaction surveys.

"EtQ is able to provide MICO with the high level of flexibility, convenience, and automation that they desired," states Glenn McCarty, Chief Executive Officer of EtQ. "Our system allows them to be confident in the fact that they have, among other things, reduced the risk of product recall due to nonconforming material, as well as heightened the level of training and awareness of procedures in their staff. The ability for a QMS to provide these was of great importance to MICO and EtQ's unique modular approach makes it possible for us to provide this for all of our customers."

EtQ is excited to welcome MICO, Inc., and looks forward to meeting all of their QMS needs.

About MICO, Inc.

MICO, Inc. provides quality hydraulic and electro hydraulic technology, components and services, and brake systems globally. Product design and market emphasis is aimed toward heavy-duty, off-highway vehicles and industrial equipment that are used in the construction, materials handling, forestry, mining, and agricultural industries.

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