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EtQ Announces EtQ Designer – Graphical Designer & Report Builder

FARMINGDALE, NY (02-05-07): EtQ has announced the newest feature in its 5.0 release of EtQ Reliance - the EtQ Designer.

As part of an initiative to enhance the configurations made to the EtQ Reliance, EtQ has developed the EtQ Designer, which allows users to make configurations to the product and reports in a user-friendly, graphical interface environment.

EtQ's out of the box product allows for the configuration of the applications, workflows, sections, forms, field and business rules in order to match the business processes of your company. This configuration comes standard out of the box, and involves no programming to accomplish. In an effort to further improve the way configurations are executed, the EtQ Designer allows configurations to take place in a "drag and drop" graphical interface. The benefit of the designer is that it allows the Administrators of the systems (i.e. Power Users) to graphically build and view the workflows, forms and views (reports) of the various modules within the product. This allows for fast and effective configurations to the system, and promotes faster implementation of the product. Customers can implement the product in weeks as opposed to months or years with competitive products. The time it takes to build reports is also dramatically reduced and the graphical interface significantly enhances the discovery process and makes ad-hoc reporting a breeze.

"It is important to continuously look for ways to improve our product," says Morgan Palmer, Chief Technology Officer at EtQ, "with EtQ Designer, we are able to further flatten the learning curve with our Power Users by providing them with a way to use the EtQ Flexible Workflow Engine that is easy and comfortable for them to use."

EtQ Designer features the following enhancements:

  • EtQ Workflow Builder: Drag phases into a workflow, and set business rules in each phase. Open workflow settings, create a new phase settings, and visualize the overall workflow using the Drag and Drop utilities.
  • EtQ Form Builder: Web browser based form editor that uses native web browser technology to open in the design mode, where icons represent fields, actions, sections and sub-forms. Literally drag, drop and lay out the form, as you would like it to appear.
  • EtQ Report/View Builder: Drag and drop columns to build reports/views using a design tab, layout tab and preview tab.

The EtQ Designer is just one feature designed to enhance the user experience in EtQ Reliance. Other enhancements, such as tabbed browsing, PDF Conversion, EtQ Portal, risk assessment, and more have made EtQ reliance the most user-friendly and most robust Quality and Compliance Management system in the industry.

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