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Charm Sciences, Inc. Selects EtQ Quality Management Software

FARMINGDALE, NY (04-01-08): EtQ has announced the implementation of EtQ Quality Management System at Charm Sciences, Inc., an international developer and manufacturer of rapid chemical and microbiological residue food safety tests for dairy, meat, and grain.

Charm was looking for a method of managing quality and compliance, and needed an enterprise solution that would help them to mange Document Control in an effective, centralized environment. Using EtQ's robust set of integrated modules such as Document Control, Charm will be able to automate their quality process, integrate quality to their operation and collaborate across the enterprise-while providing a level of flexibility to configure the software to meet their business needs.

"For Charm Sciences, EtQ is flexible enough to adopt and scale to their growing organization, while maintaining the high level of compliance needed to meet their demands," states Glenn McCarty, Chief Executive Officer at EtQ. "Using EtQ will allow Charm Science to become more efficient in their operations, reduce quality issues, and make compliance a competitive advantage for their brand."

EtQ is excited to work with Charm Sciences to provide a robust system to help them maximize their investment in EtQ.

About Charm Sciences, Inc.

Charm Sciences, Inc. manufactured the first rapid food safety test in 1978. Since the time, Charm has remained the leader in product innovation and support to the world's food industry with distribution in over 60 countries. Charm Sciences has a unique philosophy of developing and manufacturing all of its products within the company's two manufacturing facilities, thus insuring quality that meets their own exacting standards. Charm is committed to set the global standard of excellence in all areas of food safety technology.

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