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EtQ Announces the Expansion of its Cloud Product Lineup

FARMINGDALE, NY (03-01-16): EtQ, a leading provider of Quality, Environmental, Health and Safety Compliance Software Solutions, is pleased to announce the expansion of its cloud product lineup, with Verse Solutions TM and the Reliance TM Cloud Portal.

  • Reliance Cloud Portal: EtQ’s Reliance Cloud Portal provides a safe, secure way for customers to extend their compliance processes to external stakeholders, such as suppliers and customers. It allows external stakeholders to be involved in an organization’s compliance processes without having direct access to the customer’s Reliance instance, providing a secure method for increasing collaboration and eliminating the need of using inefficient, manual methods.
  • Verse Solutions: The need for Verse started on the premise that compliance management software should be accessible to everyone regardless of size and scope. Verse was designed with the needs of the small to mid-sized business in mind and is a SaaS solution that is not only as dynamic as traditional enterprise systems, but is also flexible and cost-effective.

    “EtQ is excited to expand its umbrella of product offerings, to cover the entire market from small to medium sized businesses with Verse Solutions to enterprise organizations with Reliance,” stated Glenn McCarty. “EtQ truly has a solution for every company in the world and we are excited about our latest developments—this is only the beginning of EtQ’s vision where there is an interconnected compliance community for all.”

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    EtQ is the leading Quality, EHS, Operational Risk and Compliance management software provider for identifying, mitigating and preventing high-risk events through integration, automation and collaboration. At the core of EtQ’s framework is a compliance management platform that enables organizations to implement best in class compliance processes configured to meet their existing processes, create new compliance processes and automate and control their compliance ecosystem. EtQ was founded in 1992 and has main offices located in the U.S. and Europe. To learn more about EtQ and its various product offerings, visit or

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