Microsoft Office Integration

Office Integration

EtQ is the only Quality Management Software System that can seamlessly integrate the Microsoft Office™ Environment into a robust Web browser-based infrastructure.

How EtQ Office Integrator Works

EtQ's Microsoft Office Integration feature allows you to easily manage and integrate Microsoft Office® files with EtQ Reliance forms. Using this tool, you will be able to store Microsoft Office documents in Reliance Web applications as attachments. You can then read, edit, preview and update the documents in Office, Word or Excel and have data automatically synchronized with EtQ Reliance Forms. Your existing Microsoft Word or Excel documents may be modified to synchronize with EtQ Reliance.

How You Benefit with EtQ Microsoft Office Integrator

  • Powerful pre-configured templates provide you with the ability to configure your templates to meet your organization’s unique needs
  • Quickly and easily read, edit, or update attachments
  • Automatic and immediate integration of all data minimizes manual work and improves productivity
  • Shared Document templates ensure that every document is created with a unified layout, approved at the corporate level
  • Information can be synchronized to, from or bi-directionally depending on the specific business conditions