Manufacturing Quality Management Software

Companies focused in discrete manufacturing are constantly looking for ways to improve operations, find efficiencies, and continually improve their processes to ensure the highest quality products. Combined with the need to meet demand at a high rate, the need to ensure quality requires an Enterprise Quality Management System that will help reduce time to market, improve quality and uncover opportunities for operational excellence.

How EtQ Helps

Meeting compliance to initiatives such as ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001 and other standards is an important component for Quality Management in manufacturing. EtQ’s solutions are designed to provide control into processes, risk-based thinking, and visibility into continual improvement. Through this visibility and control using EtQ, manufacturers can make better decisions, improve quality and impact the bottom line.

Featured Solutions

Quality Management

Automated Quality Management solutions streamline necessary processes like corrective action, document control and employee training to ensure compliance.

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Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain management provides the tools needed to manage and track suppliers and materials to ensure a high level of supplier quality.

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EHS Management

EHS Management enables organizations to manage corporate and operational-level EHS and Sustainability programs.

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Risk Management

Risk Management helps users understand and manage risk by setting controls and alerts to build risk into every process.

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Regulatory Compliance

QMS software helps ensure consistency in the management and tracking of procedures.

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Learn how EtQ enabled Rheem to use the existing principles of Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC) but with an innovative twist that allowed the company to move quickly in a fast-paced business environment.

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Challenges Facing the Manufacturing Industry

Compliance to Key Quality Initiatives

Companies in the manufacturing industry are driven not only to produce in an efficient and cost-effective manner to meet consumer demands, but also to ensure that the products meet certain quality and compliance standards. Initiatives like ISO 9001:2015 drive the framework for excellence, but they are also looking to ensure that the processes meet their operational needs. EtQ's Quality Management Software provides a package of interlinked processes that enable companies to not only meet internal standards for compliance, but also a foundation for interacting with suppliers, customers, and external stakeholder to ensure that they are meeting customer needs, market demand, and quality standards.

Promoting a Centralized Quality System

In Manufacturing, like many other industries, there is a focus on ensuring the entire organization is enrolled in the Quality Management System. The goal is to promote a collaborative effort whereby all stakeholders have visibility into Quality Management Systems. With many disparate systems and lack of a single source, this is a challenge for many companies. EtQ's Quality Management Software is designed to promote a culture of quality by integrating not only processes within the quality System, but also integrating with third-party systems. With this centralized focus in one solution, companies can collaborate in one quality management system, with all stakeholders involved.

Risk-Based Thinking, Linked to Quality Management

As standards and initiatives evolve, companies are looking to take a more risk-based approach to managing and measuring Quality Management. As more and more stakeholders from outside the Quality department are enrolled in the Quality System, it becomes increasingly important to ensure that the entire organization can consume Quality management information. EtQ's Risk Management Software enables organizations to incorporate Risk Assessment into Quality Management processes, which provides objective, quantitative decision-making tools, and provides a risk-based view on key quality metrics.