Quality and Safety Software for Wood, Paper & Furniture Companies

ETQ Reliance

Quality and safety automation to reduce risk in the wood, paper and furniture industries

Companies in the wood, paper and furniture industries must deal with a vast landscape of risks that chip away at profitability on a daily basis. Beyond internal quality and safety challenges, organizations are also subject to a complex array of consumer safety regulations that vary across the globe. Getting products to market quickly without sacrificing quality or employee safety demands a comprehensive approach to compliance, one that only automation can provide.

A focus on quality and safety creates a foundation of long-standing trust

  • Protect brand value
  • Minimize quality costs
  • Reduce incidence rate
  • Track incidents and near-misses
  • Monitor safety KPIs in real time
  • Increase visibility into risks
  • Prevent defects and complaints
  • Comply with standard and regulatory requirements
  • Benchmark suppliers and collaborate on SCARs
  • Shorten corrective action closure times
  • Accelerate time to market
  • Mitigate environmental impacts

ETQ SaaS and Trust
ETQ Reliance is a (SaaS) application that offers customers a fully managed software solution that vastly reduces the technology footprint required for QMS software, and delivers an always-on, always-updated, redundant and secure software environment that scales with customers' needs.

Safety Reporting

Get the big picture of risk in your organization. Track KPIs, uncover best practices and learn from incidents and near-misses.



Keep hidden compliance problems from dragging down your company. Automate tracking of RoHS, REACH, ISO and regulatory requirements to make sure nothing falls through the cracks.


Environmental Management

Sustainability is a key driver of consumer choice. Monitor and track resource use and environmental impacts to strengthen brand reputation and improve stakeholder engagement.


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